Tessallation is a First Person, “Single Player Co-Op,” Puzzle game about a 4th grade girl named Tessa that has the whimsical ability to time travel!

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awsome atmosphere and game idea but also many bugs...

Great concept. It remind me of the first time I played Portal, that feeling I got when playing it. Definitely some bugs to work out and it would be nice if it was significantly longer (with new ideas like the spring put into place to help fill out content). With those in place I'd gladly throw down some money for the game.


nox0b says

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Apart from a few bugs, This is a wonderful 10 - 20 minute game.

This is a marvelous game, absolutely unic gameplay
Great Work Bro ;)

A great game. Wish the game had more levels. Enjoyed playing it.

Excellent puzzle game. The mechanic is unique, the graphics are broght and crisp, and the gameplay is fluid. I recommend giving it a try. It's free. Hey why not?


First of all: This is a brilliant game. The graphics are beautiful and the idea is just great. But the game includes a few bugs that need to be fixed and a coop mod would be awesome! But great game!


I really love the gameplay! Epic Gameplay, Epic Ligthmapping, and Epic Visual Effect! But you should add a shadow on the character, light bulbs, and basketball. Thanks for the free play :D


Sylvara says

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There is a very frustrating bug: a delay between the clones' reaction (too quick) and the environments changes like the movements of the platforms, makes it almost impossible to pass the 3rd or 4th puzzle. I, personally, gave up after ten attempts.


kinda weird but cool

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