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Kober14th @ Victoria Ultimate

Down to 100 k in 1700. gg

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Kober14th @ Victoria Ultimate

I'm currently playing as Saxony, and one thing has become painfully apparent: The system for the spread of cholera and typhoid fever is quite ridiculous. I used to have a population of 500 k, which is now down by half over a course of 50 years -- the country just can't seem to rid itself of the disease.

That being said, keep up the good work. The mod is pretty great from what I could see so far.

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Kober14th @ KotOR - Ultimate

The new textures look gorgeous and are quite the motivation to replay KotOR.

There are at times minor issues where textures refuse to load, and the game crashes as a result, but I attribute this to the game's age.

For those who have trouble with the links to the German sites, you're supposed to get the widescreen patcher:

Unzip to any location, locate your game dir, choose 1024x768 KotOR and patch (naturally, choose your desired resolution as well though bear in mind that you will definitely encounter errors with resolutions lower than 1440x900; i.e. the game will likely crash at startup). The game will start in 1024x768, but you'll find the new widescreen resolution option in the graphics menu.

Under this link
you'll find several hyperlinks for different resolutions. These are HUD and menu replacements for widescreen resolutions. Follow the link of your new KotOR resolution and extract the file to your KotOR override folder. There, now you have an ingame HUD fit for widescreen resolutions.

The new textures provided by this mod really come to shine in conjunction with higher widescreen resolutions hence patching is recommended.

Btw, a Windows 7 fix is included in this mod.

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Kober14th @ Silverstag

This is the Warband mod, I've been waiting for some time without being privy to its existence. The two most tedious mechanics, in my experience provision of sustenance and scavenging, are basically stripped away and left to the companions--brilliant. The recruitment overhaul is also a feature I would not want to miss.
Very well done, guys; good job, etc. (=
I am very much looking forward to future versions and what you are able to whip up respectively.

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Kober14th @ Caveman2Cosmos v31.1

That's about the gist of it.

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Kober14th @ Terra Nova Mod

It saddens me to see one so ambitious such as yourself removed from the active modder community; but then again, Terra Nova mod is as close to perfect as it possibly could get (my opinion) to the point where I would not consider playing EUIII without this mod installed.
So, what I am trying to say, I guess: Thanks for all the good times and best of luck to you in your future endeavors! (=

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Kober14th @ Terra Nova Mod

"When you do get out, you will have a war with other Private bank 'controlled' nations."

So, in short, it's going to be awesome. (=

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Kober14th @ Terra Nova Mod

After getting Divine Wind to work (for some reason, I had to renaim the Vanilla music folder since startup crashes were related to in-game music somehow), I can say that Terra Nova is the single most greatest mod out there (well perhaps tied with Fall from Heaven 2 *wink*). I love it, and I can't even begin to fathom the billions of work hours you've put into this mod.
Now, there are a few bugs here and there, but most of them are more hilarious than annoying (e.g. Spain rushing to my aid after having cut all ties with them--probably still had the alliance cb).

Btw, I made the mistake opting for private bank integration. Is there a way to revoke this, or is the "shun option" triggered once inflation reaches a certain threshold? Otherwise, I'm curious as to how this is going to work out. (=

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Kober14th @ UI Shot

I'm speechless, this is simply amazing!

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Kober14th @ In which country/region do you reside?

Germany is the place to be
(well at least if you consider discussions about income taxes of a turkish imigrant's second wife are more important than fighting unemployment ^^)

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Kober14th @ German Front Mod

Y'all know, Call of Duty was disappointing at one point:
I see Russians, Americans, Englishmen but no German soldiers!?
So what's going on in the gaming-world? It seems as if Germany hasn't even participated in WWII...
That's why it is really good to see a mod which concentrates on a German storyline (I guess).
And yes "Sieg Heil" would be a stupid title - it would sound like the modder was a fascist ... "German Front" is imho a great title and by the way: Keep up the good work!

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Kober14th @ New Vice City 2004

// Now for all those of you who don’t speak any German – the translation \

n New texts and sayings (in 5 languages)
n Taxicall: Tommy may call a taxi which brings him to Starfish no matter where he is (100$, not during missions)
n New/changed missions have fitting texts, too
n As good as all features are described in-game with the help of pop-ups
n New mapicons for new features
n All bugs removed (complete savegame as well)
n The top SWAT in Starfish Sam Villa (after purchase) is now able to drive with Tommy on the Barrack’s loading area and shoots while doing (get close to him without disembarking and he will get in); (Hint: turn on vigilante and he will shoot the gangsters for you)
n It is now possible to buy indestructable cars at Wild Cars at Sunshine car dealer (Jack delivers for 45000$)
n Activated all sunshine cars
n Removed some pesky missions
n During some missions Tommy’s friends are going to drive him to the shooting rang, the only thing you will have to do os get on the loading area and shoot
n Some main characters are going to gather at the villa after certain missions and will then follow Tommy’s orders
n Celebrity-view: While in a car press the button for the horn to activate and press it again to deactivate
n Tommy is now able to sit down (camera-view button)
n Vercetti gang is driving on the freeway
n You can buy everything from the start
n You can repeat the bank missions
n Widescreen-view (duck-button while walking)
n After arrest Tommy starts again in prison and has to flee
n You may purchase the police department in Washington Beach for 2 million $; after this Tommy is an officer, weapons are in the department, you do not receive stars in civil uniform and the Vercetty gang becomes the police (they will drive a police-cheetah)
n All missions are available from the start; Tommy will receive calls from every “employer”
n Final after Copland
n SWAT-unit available in Vice Point in front of the police department
n Haitians are also in Starfish – more action (you may finish the Boatyard mission to get rid of them)
n All doors close of Tommy gets in a car – hold the handbrake to open them again
n New villa in Starfish now available for purchase – you will receive a boat, weapons and the top SWAT after purchase
n You may purchase a Hunter for 50000$ after mission Sir Yes Sir – soldiers will deliver
n Helicopter garage in Himond (removed Maverick)
n After mission No Escape Tommy will never be sought if he wears a police uniform
n In some missions Tommy will be taken to the destination (taxis, helicopters, bikers…)
n Clock has been slowed down (1 min = 20 secs)
n You can enter the biker bar after biker missions to get drunk (doesn’t cost a thing :), Big John will be there waiting for work, too
n Alternatively Tommy can go to Front Page Café and get drunk for 500$
n Speed- and Damage-meter in cars
n All cars need gas to drive, there are 2 stations in town (look at the map)
n You have as good as all abilities from the start (200 health and armor after mission Diaz)
n Tanks and boats around the villa
n Weather is always nice
n Weapon storage with tear gas in Army Station
n You can always enter the pool (the one where you killed Gonzales) using the elevator
n You will find Mr. Shrub there after the final and you may force him to be your bodyguard by getting close to him
n Rewards are more realistic
n New heavy weapons in hideout
n Mad Man will guard the villa after biker missions and does other jobs as well (for payment)
n It is possible to see the main characters as normal inhabitants
n Some changes on the texts, e.g.:no title during replays
n You only have to do 10 deals in Ice mission
n After Love Fist missions you get a V.I.P. pass and you will be able to enter the concert hall

As for th download try:

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Kober14th @ WW2 Recalled

First: So far it looks pretty well.
Second: There's something which is spelled the wrong way.
The word "STEILHANDGRANATE" is wrong.
The correct spelling is "STIELHANDGRANATE", I know it because I'm a German. ^^


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