My bio.. never been good at talking about myself so lets keep it simple. I am a highly skilled IT Technician, with experience in just about every field of computing there is. As a result, it allows me to do really cool stuff like this SoC overhaul / mega mod! People often question why I have put the last 3 years into this SoC mod, the answer to that is simple - because I care. I feel SoC was done a huge injustice by GSC/THQ, and intend to bring everything that was promised back into the game. My own envisionment of STALKER is radically different to anything you have seen and played before, down to the smallest detail TK will bring a perfectly balanced, tense, beautiful, immensely impressive overhaul to SoC. Oh, and there is no mod team here, the "team" is me. Just because nobody else wanted to help apart from play the betas I release. So I soldier on, relying on the SoC mod community whenever theres a barrier I'm not quite sure on how to smash down.

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Well, its been a while since I posted anything on my own profile

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Yep, I know, I rarely visit my own profile page :p With that said I have just uploaded some screenshots from the latest TK RC (Release Candidate) build I'm working on. Theres still some elements to finish but the screens should give people a very good idea of the graphical enhancements (and theres more to come still, proper sunshafts like CS and CoP use, wet surfaces, ambient life, etc) If anyone wants to be a play tester for the RC build drop me a PM :)

Playtesters Wanted

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As some may know the latest beta of TK2.ZERO is almost ready. So with the new beta approaching so does the need for playtesters. If you want to become a playtester leave a message, or give me a PM or something. Space on the playtesters list is limited, and the space on that list currently is for 3-5 people depending on who will be able to dedicate the most time as a playtester.

What TK 2.ZERO is all about

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Welcome to the TK2.ZERO home!

The envisionment of TK is to bring you what was promised for STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, instead of the gutted retail release of a mess we were left with. TK aims to cover every
aspect imaginable from gameplay intended to genuinely scare the player, to
texture replacements for the absolute best visual experience and new levels. Absolute realism,
optimisations, stability, and a complete game mechanics overhaul - all without
breaking the story.

Some TK features:

- Helicopters that will attack you unexpectedly

- Traders have unique stock to them, check back regularly for potential stock updates!

- New weapon, monster, level textures

- AI Panic system

- Diverse AI

- Sleeping and dreaming

- Blowouts and PSI emissions

- Heavily modified weapons (firepower, attachments. Experiment!)

- Sound overhaul

- Mutant "food chain"

- Stealth- NPCs throw grenades and use medkits

..and much more than I could possibly list. Any questions or comments, you know what to do ;)

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