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This is a fantastic game mode. The biggest single thing that makes it better than Trouble in Terrorist Town is that there is something important for everyone to do, even after you're killed!

The mechanics of the game work very well. The human players, due to the needs/tasks they have to fulfill, must work together, split up, and be vulnerable for a while while filling in their need. The guns work pretty well, although I do have a favoured loadout.

As a brood alien, the transforming mechanic is well done, but the skill selection process could perhaps be streamlined to make it easier to place the skill points without alerting the human team. This isn't that big an issue though, since it's easy enough to walk around and hide in a room while choosing the skill points.

Being a swarm alien is potentially a bit boring. The ranged attack is very necessary, but compared to the brood alien, it's still a bit boring to play as a swarm alien.

The only problems I noticed while playing are that some new players don't know that the only reliable way to make more brood aliens is to kill the human players while in alien form. Some kind of quick tutorial they are forced to see when they log in may help with that, if they're willing to read directions.

This is a gametype that anyone who owns Gmod should try. It's suspenseful, atmospheric, and has very well thought-out mechanics that do an amazing job of balancing the experience for everyone.

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