Morbus combines ideas from a variety of popular Garrysmod gamemodes and retail games. Players must make decisions on who to trust, who to stick with, and who to kill. Every player’s actions will eventually affect other players in one way or another. Morbus keeps an eerie/scary atmosphere by combining both horrific visual and audio content. Morbus has been claimed to be the scariest Garrysmod Gamemode. Morbus has many weapons for players to choose from, each fitting individual play styles. Fast paced combat and constant “on your toes” moments are commonplace in Morbus.

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Imagine 'The Thing' but in the form of a Garry's Mod game mode or Zombie Survival+TTT. In other words, the best game mode on Garry's Mod or ever.The average round will start by you scourging for the best weapons you can find, then you will begin moving towards your first objective. On your way you may find other people who are heading to the same place as you so for protection you head towards your common objective. Once you arrive you ask your new friends to watch your back as you eat or sleep, once you begin the screen turns black. You hear screaming but have no idea what is going on behind you, the clock counts down till you can move once again and when you turn around you see one of friends on the floor dead, with the corpse of an alien lying next to him. At least he tried his best. Your friends go to eat and you watch their back. With your party you begin to travel again towards another group of humans, hoping that these new companions will increase your chances of survival. You stand together and discuss where you think they may be coming from and trade tips with each other, but suddenly you hear screaming and a faint voice yelp "god please no!" You rush over to assist this troubled wanderer but when you arrive it is too late. The wanderer is dead and the Alien has escaped. Disappointed your group splits and begins its trek to each mans new objective. You really need to sleep but there is no-one with you. A stranger arrives and asks if you need help. You refuse his help and suddenly he morphs into a screeching green monster, you scream but no-one hears you. Desperately you unload your clip on him, unleashing every foul word in your vocabulary, like demons breaking the gates of hell that were once strong but now wrecked due to fear. Collapsing to the floor, the monster has gotten the better of you. Now you disguise yourself as a human, hunting down those who were once your friends to spread the infection and increase your strength and fulfill your need. Feed.


This is a fantastic game mode. The biggest single thing that makes it better than Trouble in Terrorist Town is that there is something important for everyone to do, even after you're killed!

The mechanics of the game work very well. The human players, due to the needs/tasks they have to fulfill, must work together, split up, and be vulnerable for a while while filling in their need. The guns work pretty well, although I do have a favoured loadout.

As a brood alien, the transforming mechanic is well done, but the skill selection process could perhaps be streamlined to make it easier to place the skill points without alerting the human team. This isn't that big an issue though, since it's easy enough to walk around and hide in a room while choosing the skill points.

Being a swarm alien is potentially a bit boring. The ranged attack is very necessary, but compared to the brood alien, it's still a bit boring to play as a swarm alien.

The only problems I noticed while playing are that some new players don't know that the only reliable way to make more brood aliens is to kill the human players while in alien form. Some kind of quick tutorial they are forced to see when they log in may help with that, if they're willing to read directions.

This is a gametype that anyone who owns Gmod should try. It's suspenseful, atmospheric, and has very well thought-out mechanics that do an amazing job of balancing the experience for everyone.


Atmosphere, Paranoia, Violence. Recipe for Terror.


This mod is a must have for any owner of Gmod. People compare it to trouble in terrorist town, but it is much better. That is only the Basic idea of this mod. It is filled with horror and lots of blood shed and bone rattling screams. Although it may be scary to certain people, everyone always enjoys the thrill of this mod. Knowing that one of you is an alien in disguise makes your decisions tougher to make. killing someone that makes you nervous alerts the humans that you are a threat and possibly an alien. You have to make wise decisions in whether you want to team up with a certain person or not. And even when you have a group of trustworthy teammates, you will eventually be split up by an urgent need to complete a mission or through encounters with aliens. You can't get bored and will always have something to do in order to survive. While doing those actions you are in even greater danger. This mod is amazing and never stops entertaining you and your friends. One last thing i'll add about this mods horror element, you have to be close to someone to talk and if you get too far you can't hear. so you also have the horrors of getting lost, hearing gunshots, or worst of all, the deathly scream of a comrade losing his life to an alien.

Morbus is the essence of the space horror film thingy, the feeling of paranoia as you walk through the halls dark halls of a space station and the abeyance plays.

the mechanics are solid, you start in the middle of know where the first thing your going to do is look for a weapon how ever each weapon or item slows you down these vary from medikits to LMGs.

each player will get objectives from time to time like eat,sleep,use the bathroom ect. if these did not exist it would lack the tension of have to venture off with a stranger who once you have started your mission the screen goes black for about 8 seconds and you are helpless and exposed and nothing is more terrifying than hear the screen of a brood alien undisguised and start to rip you to shreds.

now on to the aliens, when you spawn as an brood alien you can see nearby players through walls and the ability to transform into your terrifying self, other wise your just another player how ever you dont need to do any tasks although pretend to do so is vital if you wish to isolate player once said poor bastard is away from the others you have a choice, mow him down with what ever fire arm is available to you and have him become a swarm alien? or risk become vulnerable to turn him into anther brood alien.

i only have a few minor complainants but nothing so major to drop the 10/10 rating
1. the swarm aliens are quite slow when crouched, considering that the main way to escape a maneuver around the map with out getting gunned down is through crouch only vents it make navigating rather tedious
2. the level system for broods seems rather tacked on and some of the perks should be given from the get go
3. guns and ammunition are everywhere, it semi-ruins the semi realism when you can find SMGs in the bedroom and plasma cannons in the kitchen and when i'm running around with a few hundred rounds of ammunition i don't have a problem with shooting in indiscriminately into vents where i thought i saw the slightest movement.


FINALLY! A game similar to Trouble in Terrorist Town, but with a nice ambiance and a dark theme. If you're sick of mods in stupid maps (e.g. Minecraft map for TTT), then this is a treat!

It's like the hidden, but more complete. And proximity micx make a world of difference!

Great mod guys! Hope to see this released as a standalone someday; I'M HOOKED!


Morbus is a mod for Garry's Mod which features a team of humans trying to survive an alien infestation. The humans attempt to survive for 10 minutes while performing certain tasks, such as eating and sleeping. These tasks require humans to move from place to place, meaning you cannot camp in one place indefinitely. Among the humans are Brood Aliens, who can disguise as humans and can use weapons as well as claws. Killing humans in Brood Alien form (out of disguise) will turn them into Brood Aliens. Swarm Aliens also appear, who cannot disguise as humans but they have a spit attack and are dangerous up close. The aim of all aliens is to kill all of the humans.

The concept of this mod is brilliant and has also been well executed. Humans have to keep on the move, meaning you never feel completely safe. Humans are very vulnerable alone and you know not all companions are what they seem so there's little trust amongst them. I'm always on edge while playing Morbus, which is an achievement in itself considering it's a multiplayer game. The controls are fairly easy to use and it has the graphical quality you would expect from Gmod.

I think this mod is great and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good online horror mod. Try it for yourself.


Amazing, entertaining, and requires teamwork.


You enter an dark building, you heard a noise. "Whats that?" you say to your companion, who screams in the distance. As you run to your friend, its too late and the Alien is right behind you.

Morbus is an mod that has A LOT of similarity with The Thing and Trouble in Terrorist Town. The mod has 2 objectives: 1. Survive and 2. Find the aliens, for the Aliens its the other way around and they have to feed on the humans. The fact that you do not know who is an Alien and who Human adds to the Horror element, an helpless feeling. There is also no blood testing what-so-ever. Its just hoping your strong enough to kill an Alien before he kills you. Running is useless, it sees you trough walls, runs fast and fighting is pretty tough.
But then it might sounds OP for the aliens... Well its not.
Aliens are capable of disguising as Humans, without them knowing you did. Picking of the weak is the key to succes, and hit and run gets you killed when you apply it to a group. Theres also no horde mechanics, stealth and action all the way.

Final verdict: 10.
Its a great game.


Awesome game. Creepy and addictive

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Imagine 'The Thing' but in the form of a Garry's Mod game mode or Zombie Survival+TTT. In other words, the best game mode on Garry's Mod or ever.The average round will start by you scourging for the best weapons you can find, then you will begin moving towards your first objective. On your way you may find other people who are heading to the same place as you so for protection you head towards your common objective. Once you arrive you ask your new friends to watch your back as you eat or sleep…

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