So um, you managed to make it to my profile. I'm pretty much unactive now due to various thing's IRL. I'd like to take this time to thank everyone I've met for giving me a nice time spent in this place and many others. Thank you.

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It seem's so that it's been ages since i last made a blog, Well i'm not going to become active like the first time i was here. Hell, its been 2 year's and i've been utilizing most of my time Facepunch's Personal skin's threads by here Might have been awhile and all, but i not even sure if anyone view's and comment's on my poses anymore. they're not top-notch quality but i use my best extent to make it as good as possible.

Now that i've said my fill of word's, Video-a-thon time, Supplied by our benefactor's!
Let's start it off with portal 2 musical's made by harry101uk!

And some intriguing poop's and giggles.

And some gmod movies.

Well, I guess i have to stop now :d, enjoy folks!
Oh wait, have this buncha links for maximum enjoyment.
Hope, Website by nxe7 :
Lights, :

And last but not the least, 1200 links for weird and creepy stuff! :
~1200 links to weird and creepy stuff -
That's all and have a good day people!

Skillz. or the same whatnot.

JuSTiNX Blog

So its time to update the blog!

So here i am, after months of inactivity and solitude... here i am.
Honestly, i am not brewing much stuff lately. lifes a B**ch busy up and busy down.
its not like im free or something. but what the hell, i miss you all, people.

Let's Give it up for Cornflakes2's work!

Lets have some quality content from our benefactors!

And top it off with my favorite instrumental!(30 Mins long! (OoO).)

And a sweet bonus!
feeling depressed? sad? no worries! listen to this and calm your soul!

Now, wouldn't this end? OH WAIT.
it has neat stuff too! like a wallpaper and additional sites!
You should thank nick catalano for such a masterpiece!

Now its over. ^_^

Gmod Skillz.

JuSTiNX Blog

At first, i didn't knew a thing about GMOD, i only knew it when i was at normal day surfing, watching videos of trailers of half life 2.Then found a gmod video . seeking to know what is gmod, i did surfing . within a few clicks i made it into a site with gmod in it. knowing it was a game i found a urge to download the game. i searched more and more ... then i saw it.

After downloading, i installed it in matter of minutes .Then i open the game a was mesmerized at it. before i start playing, i made sure that it was prepared but i saw a tutorial on the game . it was then i knew that gmod was all about posing and making contraptions til you explode,not a cool first person shooter, much more than that.

Game loads,i was at a large grass map with a few hints showing to help me on the way. i started with 30 less addons , it was very easy to navigate in the game, until... i wanted more addons ,but there were a few hefty sites with addons, so then my addons folder was piled up ever since.

i quickly mastered posing with the help of the tutorial with the game,i make photos now, showing off my work to people at the site.but i just gained interest in building crazy contraptions today.

It pretty sums up this rocked my of now i make more photos, started on contraptions,a addons folder up to 18 gb.i will continue to use gmod till the world turns like this gaming masterpiece.


Well, all about me.

JuSTiNX Blog

It all started when my father let me go play in his computer, having a ton of games and stuff , it was the main hold of my childhood, i never got to know people , enclosed in the house , in front of my dads computer .
being second to my older brother , i just watch him play ps1 with ff7 and more games. my life has revolved into a video game world .
life passes by , i go to school (kindergarten) a few months after my first life of gaming , i never really take school serious those time's , i'm very young and my mind is set on when i will play with my dads computer after school .
let's skip to my now life. I'm 13(ignore the age on the profile) and all those gaming stuff turned me into a computer-whiz.
got myself a computer which , at last i have one for many years of waiting , ...

PS: My family, brother's, the ups and downs of my life,gaming experiences will come after many months..... just a quick heads up.

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