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At first, i didn't knew a thing about GMOD, i only knew it when i was at normal day surfing, watching videos of trailers of half life 2.Then found a gmod video . seeking to know what is gmod, i did surfing . within a few clicks i made it into a site with gmod in it. knowing it was a game i found a urge to download the game. i searched more and more ... then i saw it.

After downloading, i installed it in matter of minutes .Then i open the game a was mesmerized at it. before i start playing, i made sure that it was prepared but i saw a tutorial on the game . it was then i knew that gmod was all about posing and making contraptions til you explode,not a cool first person shooter, much more than that.

Game loads,i was at a large grass map with a few hints showing to help me on the way. i started with 30 less addons , it was very easy to navigate in the game, until... i wanted more addons ,but there were a few hefty sites with addons, so then my addons folder was piled up ever since.

i quickly mastered posing with the help of the tutorial with the game,i make photos now, showing off my work to people at the site.but i just gained interest in building crazy contraptions today.

It pretty sums up this rocked my of now i make more photos, started on contraptions,a addons folder up to 18 gb.i will continue to use gmod till the world turns like this gaming masterpiece.


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