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Nobody Knows

Mod review - 2 disagree

Too difficult to get out of the first room even navigating the tunnel was a absolute pain. No clear way to progress. Pitfalls that didn't kill you for jumping down them. Uses the main character from the original game rather than write up a new one.



Mod review - 20 agree - 9 disagree

Too difficult can't do start of game missions as they are almost impossible if you see anything hostile you might as well quick load. Getting one hit by just about anything is instant death.

Unrealistic weapon models and stats absurd over the top price gouging on just about everything. Some of this stuff could have been fixed by actually looking at the weapon. The Mosin is the best example of this it looks silly like somebody chopped off 14 to 15 inches off of it and I'm not talking about the sawed off version either.

Unable to read most of the item descriptions because they are too long and don't fit the window. Also really hate it when mods change the voice to Russian but don't add subtitles making it impossible to understand characters that are trying to talk to me.

The mod isn't any fun to play at all worst yet I have to uninstall the entire game just to get rid of it as there isn't any way to uninstall it.

I'm going to stick with COP complete or find something else.


The Tower: 2012 Edition

Game review

Can't even get out of the first room too dark to see anything it's one of those games where apparently it's cool to not be able to see where you are going.



Mod review

Mortal Online

Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Worst MMO I ever played. I understand they want a full pvp open game but it got to absurdity they don't tell you what actions make you a criminal so when checking a corpse I get killed by another player then while trying to kill a deer some newbie jumps infront of me and gets hit by my attack... again flagging me as a criminal cause me to loose 4 hours of gear and money.


Project Zomboid

Early access game review

Cry of Fear

Game review - 8 agree - 50 disagree

annoying first level couldn't be bothered to finish it

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