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Seriously, I love you guys...
I love coding for GTA San Andreas...
I love staying up till the morning just to try and finish my codes...

I love everything, I felt good back in the days...

SO that's why, I'll be coming back here to bring you a new mod for GTA San Andreas with new storylines and shi** . Might be a long wait, but it'll be worth it..

Sooooooo, cya later MODDB !!!

GTA Knight Rider : New School

JohnyTheDotman Blog 3 comments

I'm proud to announce the new preview of the new GTA Knight Rider : New School.
Please watch the video below:

Here are some video description :
All codes here are coded by me (JohnyTheDotman). Lol I did all this in less than a month.Functions in video includes:
*Computer ON/OFF (With nano-tech anims)
*New Turbo Boost (Adjustable and animated)
*First Aid
*EMP (Works up to 8 cars and will be improved more)
*Tire spiker (randomly spike a tire of a car in front)
*Nano-tech skin camouflage (Random from 3 colors)
*Ski Mode (Stayed and looked better in Boss 302)
*Submarine mode (Improved and only on water drive for Boss 302)
*Transformations (Attack mode anims in progress)
*Thermal/Night Vision
*Xenon Lights (Attack mode)
*Screen animations (Startup sequences, speedometer, radar)
*Gatling Guns (New anims for Normal mode)

And some other stuff that is not in the video, or maybe we just didn't create yet:
*Fire Extinguisher
*Flame Thrower
*KITT Follow function
*KITT call (For the mean time, a spawn location)
*KITT Self Destruct (If KITT goes BOOM...then game over)
*KITT Remote link (Remote control)
*SSC (In progress)
*That Plane from KR (Dunno if anybody want to do it)

I am back (No, seriously)

JohnyTheDotman Blog 3 comments

Well, Hi there

I am currently not working with anybody. So, I have decided to make something for my GTA San Andreas. It has been a long time since I last made a mod.

It feels so good to start modding again.
Here are some of my codes (in a video) I managed to do in less then 1 week.

Here are the desription:

I've created:

*On/off PC function
*Call KITT
*KITT follow function - KITT follows you if you are away from him
*new scanner - I type in KITT (not pressed all together) to activate it
*Miniguns with firing animations
*Rocket Launchers
*A prototype Plasma Pulse

In my mod, there will be one KITT and only KITT. Functions will be amazing and this is not a release. Just to show my happiness to the world.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the miniguns models and rocket launchers model in any way. I found it on my PC. I don't recall anyone gave me.

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