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Doorways: Chapter 1 & 2

Game review

Awesome atmosphere, thrilling (ambient)music and very good graphics


Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition

Game review

Very unique art style and very adicting game mechanics. It's just awesome!
Already played it for many hours on the iPad and will definetly get my hands on this as well!


Dungeon Gate

Game review

Overall a very cool game!
Nice Graphics, lovely Sound and bascally good controlls.

But I found some minor issues till now:
-I miss a slider for mouse sensitivity
-Sprinting is only toggleable
-Some lightning problems in some houses (may be only on my machine)
-Textures look not the best on my 24" Display


Dungeon Prospector

Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Good feeling gameplay and nice Graphics and Sound.
As this is just the Alpha version I'm happy to see, what there will come in the future!



Game review

Forget the rating below - this is just one more of the many devs in the last months/weeks, that promises so much and then drops everything from updates to statements about his offtime...

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Well, okay, now after quite some testing I got to know everything I needed to survive the first night.
First of all, getting away from the spawn (in 0.3) which is overrun by enemies.
After finding some materials fine a nice place to stay for a while.
Here are some basics needed. My Problem in the first few attempts was to die from dehydration.
So, what does the trick is to build a living room - here can be found some water.
Other than that a clinic, hydroplantation for some fish and fruits/vegetables (I guess) and a mine fore more material.
All I am waiting for is now the saving in 0.5 so I don't need to start right from scratch everytime.

I am aware, this is just alpha, so the following may sound too much of a wish right now.

The graphics are nice but not high-end of course. I am totally fine with that - but for the current look the performance could be way better.
Actually, some options for sound and graphics would be nice.

But well, let's have a look, of what's there to come - I am looking forward to it! =)



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