Started working on Birthstar:Frontline (which morphed into Talon-5 by the looks of things) but before then I moved on to doing textures for Black Mesa:Source. Now a prop modeller and skinner for Black Mesa.

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When it comes down to it Modding is fun, or at least it should be. If you don't find it fun, you may have started doing it for the wrong reasons (or perhaps your expectations exceed your talent - a common problem I have!). Like anything, sometimes doing some mod work can feel like a drag but as long as you're not getting the "do I have to do this today?" feeling too often, it might be for you.

 Pretty much everything I've tried my hand at in the past (music, writing, programming, game designing, architecture) has been partly for the pursuit of "glory" to some extent. I imagine this is the main motivator for pretty much everyone else here, however the reality is that glory is almost never forthcoming, so as long as I get a real sense of achievement collaborating and sharing what little talent I have with others, I can remain passionate and enthusiastic.


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