My name is Jordan Gentry, and I have been doing level design for 4 years. My most recent completed project is Aberration, which can be found at I have experience in Hammer(Source Engine), The Galaxy Editor(Starcraft 2) and UED(Unreal Engine).

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Mod review

Spherical Nightmares

Mod review - 9 agree - 2 disagree

I played this a while back in a play test, and I had to admit its one of the better source mods ive played in a while. It has that old nostalgia feel to singleplayer games, where the story isn't incredibly blunt but more subtle and leaves it up to the player.

Wizard really got his own unique style of level design down, and I feel like this is just a must play, its visually great, and the combat is fun as hell.



Mod review - 1 agree

I wrote a long review explaining everything I liked, disliked then my Chrome crashed and I lost my review. I am now too lazy to fully re-write it so I will just do a basic one.

--- Positives

The intro was great and original

The Puzzle/Interaction system was great and fresh.

The atmosphere was unique.

The "Monster" was the first monster ive seen in a video game that I was truly afraid of throughout the entirety of the game.

The Detail in the various locations such as random notes, or person affects really helped immerse me into the game.

--- Negatives

The intro was good, but also left a lot of questioning, the only thing I got from what was happening was that, Im in the arctic and "**** Happened"

The Puzzles sometimes were very blunt and the items you could use were not always so obvious, such as the blow torch.

--- Over all I definitely think it was one of the better horror mods made in source in a long time, I definitely think people should play this if they enjoy scary games and want something new and fresh to play.


Black Mesa

Mod review

best level design ive seen in source.



Mod review

Baryonic Predicament by Miigga

Mod review

Everything was great. It had no story line, but I knew that head of time so its a great map pack. Play this for fun, dont come here expecting the next original story.


Cry of Fear

Game review
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