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Everything going wrong

Halm_Barte Blog 2 comments

I got my drivers licence and a laptop all very well ...but I've been particularly poor this year which is a stress all of it's own and recently everythings going wrong. I'd love to be be designing levels / puzzles but so much has been going wrong I'm tearing my hair out.

Hope to return productive in the future.

Going through the motions

Halm_Barte Blog 2 comments

Currently I am dipping in and out of WorldCraft and Quake to check that all my corners, textures line up and making the walls that can't have a portal created on them visable and non-clipped before and after I have gone through a teleport in the first two sections before I copy and paste those bits and the energy-pellet I've got pre-fab'd all together and hey-presto part 3/4. Provided I take my time, not rush myself into not enjoying this anymore; when I've got some tidy pre-fab's for this, it 'might' get very easy indeed.

At the moment having realised I was using the wrong shortcut and so the wrong build of the mod; I've now got the opportunity to see the walls that shouldn't - indeed not hold a portal, interesting results. When I leave the values from ~whatever that last thing it tried to auto-complete my input with's values were~ the first room acts exactly as I would hope but in the second depending on the angle you look in all the 'portalproof' walls dissapear. Whereas if I delete all of the values the latter effect accours all the time. :(

I need to re-read the messages I've have from people here, I need to have a nose through the code in this mod to see If I've been looking at old code and I need to finish polishing what I've got and whack out two more challenges + a hub to choose which of the map sets you want to play though before I make the next map / four challenges. :)

[I guess that counts as a rant.]

Tools I understand, and tools I don't.

Halm_Barte Blog 15 comments

I (think) I understand:
~Pak Explorer.

  • Still a lot I don't know about these tools.*

I don't understand (at all):

I've mispent quite a lot of energy recently trying to bring together code-spec's, tutorials and software to be able to make a decent contribution to r.siska's Mod (gotta work out the copyrights/lefts and workout a finalised look and feel for the Mod yet) I'm not happy with 2 things at present I was expecting neither to be quite such hard work learning how to do: stop a portal/gate from being able to stick to a brush given certain values & to make the portal_gun itself a little easier on the eyes. I've seen the code but couldn't understand what values to use, tried everything I could think of and got no-where. I tried to re-write the code good, so I tried my hand at re-texturing the gun ...grabbed the texture ...made it pretty ...then realised I was using colours outside Quake's pallet, aquired the Quake pallet and will try again on another date. Right now I am very tired and stressed.

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