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How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?!


Perfected Doom 3 BFG

Early access mod review - 1 agree

What is with some clueless people using existing works and adding almost nothing to them? This use the BFG HiDef mod as a base, so this isn't a BFG port of Perfected Doom 3 as the title implies. The only changes from BFG HiDef you'll see here are some not so good looking models. Seriously, learn how to mod properly and make your own things!


Doom RTX On

Mod review - 2 agree

How many times do we need teach people that taking other people's work is not okay. Marisa's Texture Light scripts mod is still there, and now Beautiful Doom?! Motion Blur doesn't even work, how is that even possible?!


Doom: Inferno terror

Mod review

OBLIGE levels, I can make them with my desktop thank you.


Doom Slayer Chronicles

Mod review

Incredibly repetitive to play, which alone hurts this mod by a longshot. It might be visually pretty from a distance, but upclose it looks so jarring as the textures clashes with sprites. These textures are too sharp to give a gritty feeling, sometimes you need to go a little dirty to make things a little more appealing.

The maps are uninspired, when you remove all the GZDoom visual stuff, you get some bland square rooms and big open wastelands where their only purpose is to just kill more monsters. Invasion modes aren't inherently terrible, but there needs to be more than just the same "locked in arena, fight to survive" gameplay repeatedly. When you have maps with no reason to explore and does not have any interesting gameplay to back them up, no gameplay mod is ever going to make them better. I'm sorry but this really does feel like a GZDoom tech demo that was just modified enough to be playable.

I should also mention, a high-end system is required to play this at high resolutions, and even then, newer versions of GZDoom just might not work at all with this.


Brutal Doom 64

Mod review


Mod review - 4 agree

Beautiful maps, plays well, and shows what the Doom community can do. Excellent mapset to go with 25 years of Doom!


Quake 1.5

Early access mod review - 1 agree

Changes are nothing to brag about, and using Darkplaces is already something that I can't bring myself to using for longer than 5 minutes. The weapon models are not my cup of tea, but even still, they don't look great with the artstyle of Quake.

The biggest issue I have here is that it's called "Quake 1.5" but it doesn't feel like it understands what some official Quake 1.5 update could be like. Changing monster spawns is one of those things where the balance is not improved, but just changed for the sake of some difference. As it is, it's a typical "remake" or "enhanced" mod, nothing you haven't seen before.


Doom 2016 Demake

Mod review

The Hallway of Doom

Mod review

Nuts called, It want its joke back.

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