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CnC Winter War Part 2: Ground vehicles

Gustaffsson Blog

I've tried some CnC Generals coding and modelling with GMax. Modelling seems a bit too hard for me, and coding isn't too easy either. But that's a poor excuse, I'll totally try anyway. =D

I think I still will plan, too, maybe someone gets interested, and is willing to help. ;) Now I'm talking about ground vehicles.

Finnish Ground Vehicles

Finland had serious lack of tanks and other vehicles, when the war started, Finland had 32 tanks, while Red Army attacking the country had about 3000 tanks.

Truck ($500)
Transport vehicle. Can carry 8 troops.
Bofors 37mm ($800)
Anti-tank cannon pushed by two men. Slow unit, therefore used mainly on base defences.
Strong vs. land vehicles, buildings
Weak vs. aircraft, infantry, artillery
Vickers 6-ton ($1000)
British-made light tank Finland bought in 1938. Requires 3-star General's promotion to build.
Strong vs. light vehicles
Weak vs. aircraft, artillery

Soviet Ground Vehicles
Russian attack plans relied much on tanks and other ground vehicles working together with infantry, artillery and aircraft.

T-20 Komsomolets ($800)
Soviet APC with machinegun on the front of vehicle. Can hold 6 troops.
Strong vs. infantry
Weak vs. tanks, aircraft
BT-5 ($1200)
Soviet cavalry tank.
Strong vs. ground vehicles
Weak vs. artillery, bombers, AT-cannons
OT-130 ($1300)
Soviet flamethrower tank.
Strong vs. infantry, buildings
Weak vs. AT-cannons, Molotov Cocktails, bombers. Requires 3-star General's promotion to build.
SMK (2000)
Sovet heavy prototype tank with two cannons.
Strong vs. vehicles, buildings
Weak vs. bombers, Molotov Cocktails. Requires 5-star General's promotion to build.

That's all for now. Next time I'll tell about aircraft. Ta-ta!

CnC Winter War Part 1: Infantry

Gustaffsson Blog

I'm so stubborn I can't let this dream get away. I'm going to plan this dream-mod carefully, and, if there won't be any interested modders to help me, I'll learn some CnC Generals modding skills myself some day.

I'll start this planning with infantry.

Finnish infantry
Finland has better infantry than Soviets in many ways. They are faster, deal more damage and they can all be upgraded with snowsuits, which provides camouflage. They also can be set to "Hold fire" mode, which can be useful when ambushing enemy troops.

Rifleman ($200)
Finnish rifleman with M/27 "Pystykorva" ("Spitz") - rifle. Can be upgraded with "Capture Building" - ability, which can be purchased from the barracks.
Weak vs. aircraft, ground vehicles.
Assault infantry ($300)
Finnish infantry with M/31 Suomi-SMG. Can throw Molotov Cocktails to destroy enemy buildings or ground vehicles (ability must be purchased from barracks first).
Stong vs. infantry
Weak vs. aircraft
Medic ($300)
Finnish rifleman who can heal nearby injured soldiers. Has slower firing rate than normal riflemen.
Weak vs. aircraft, ground vehicles
Machinegunner ($500)
Heavy Finnish infantry with Maxim machinegun. Slow walker, therefore used mostly on base defences. Can use automatic firing mode, much like China Dragon tank's "Firewall" (only with bullets and limited time of course), which is useful against Russian infantry assaults.
Strong vs. infantry, light vehicles
Weak vs. aircraft, tanks

Soviet Infantry
Red Army's footmen depend much on large numbers of soldiers assaulting Finnish lines, supported by tanks, aircraft and artillery.

Red Guard ($50)
Soviet rifleman with Mosin-Nagant rifle. Cheap and fast to make, but weak and slower firing rate than Finnish Rifleman. Can be upgraded with "Capture Building" - ability, which can be purchased from the barracks.
Weak vs. machine guns, vehicles
Gunner ($200)
Soviet soldier with Degtyarev M-27 light machine gun.
Strong vs. infantry
Weak vs. tanks, aircraft
Commissar ($300)
Soviet officer with PPD-34 SMG. When upgraded with Commander of Red Star (general's promotion), gives speed increase to nearby soldiers.
Strong vs. infantry
Weak vs. ground vehicles, aircraft
Engineer ($250)
Red Army engineer with Simonov AVS-36 automatic rifles. Can plant explosive charges and repair nearby vehicles.
Weak vs. aircraft, tanks

Well that was all, folks. Next time I'll talk about ground vehicles. If anyone is interested and willing to help in coding, modeling, texturing or anything, PM me!

Dream about CnC Winter War mod...

Gustaffsson Blog

I've been toying with an idea of Winter War mod for CnC Generals. I have almost everything planned up in my mind (and mostly also on paper), and I've drawn concept arts and cursed my lack of modding skills.

Winter War was fought 70 years ago in 1939-1940, as a part of World War II. It started when Finland refused to give land areas from Karelian Isthmus and other parts of Eastern Finland to Soviet Union, who wanted to ensure the security of Leningrad. On November the 30th in 1939, Red Army crossed border of Finland on several places. Finland was standing alone against better equipped army, which overpowered them with about 3 times on men, 200 times on tanks and 38 times on aircraft. Finns were also short on other supplies, such as artillery ammunition. In one day, Soviet artillery shot more grenades than Finns did during the whole war.

Despite to lack of men and firepower, Finland stopped Red Army's advancing. With the "Spirit of the Winter War", they were able to hold their ground for 105 days of fierce battles. Terms such as Molotov cocktail and "sisu" became familiar to all over the world when Finns performed the miracle of Winter War and showed what small but brave country can do when it comes to defending the motherland. When peace came, Finland had to surrender 11% of its land area, including Viipuri, second largest city in the country, but preserved it's independence. USSR had won, but suffered great casualties and humiliation.

I think Winter War mod for Command and Conquer Generals would be great. Finland would have poor ground vehicles and aircraft, but skilled infantry which could be upgraded with snow camouflage suits, which could make ambushing Russian forces easier.

Red Army would have good tanks, artillery units and aircraft, but would instead have poorly-skilled infantry. Poor, but cheap and easy to make.

Here are some nice videos, showing what kind of battling it would be;

Yup, I think it would be great. Is there anyone else who would like to see such a mod? If there are any interested modelers, coders and texturers out there with interest in World War II -style strategy, please, let me know. I'd like to see at least this one of my dreams to come true. =)

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