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G String

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G-String came out over a year ago, and I started playing right when it launched and it was one of the most infuriating mods I've ever played. It often hurts to play, your eyes strain, your head starts to hurt as you try and find a way through these brush-based maps with strange models that I never figured out were terrible or just okay. Alot of maps just say no to general game design about making it obvious where to go, and you find yourself doing trick jumps to see if thats where you're supposed to go.
But this says 9/10 for a reason. This game gets personal for those who've played it. Myo becomes this character you legitimately care about, leading her through these dangerous areas against awful odds because its the only way forward. The art style gives this oppressive feeling, this heavy atmosphere thats unparalleled in any game I could think of, it goes beyond a good setting, this world of metal and sorrow and plastic breathes despite the somewhat blocky mapping, but mod cant get above a 6/10 if the gameplay sucks, but G-String managed to surprise me here. This goes beyond just a nice setting and a good protagonist, this is interesting, oldschool and somehow unique and revolutionary gameplay. The combat is hl2 + a slowdown mechanic with fireballs (Now that sounds awesome but I forgot I had it for 90% of the game so whatever.) so the combat works. the enemy numbers and spawns and ranges all work, youll find yourself overwhelmed sometimes, and some really hard parts, but that spices the game up and its nice to have punishing areas spread out, as opposed to a whole game like that.
I have to say though, the crown on this game is the aforementioned mapping. These maps may not be super realistic (as I said before it's almost all brushes) but the atmosphere and textures and layout fit together so well, it transcends maps and turns into a world, its impossible to explain. You well get lost, you will be mad at maps, but it works because it fits perfectly.


E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

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Great Cyberpunk FPS, a hybrid of Deus Ex and System Shock 2 on the Source Engine. Great gunplay, but theres plenty of options if you dont want to run and gun. RE4 style replayability along with a side mission mechanic with always differing objectives let you revisit finished areas. The areas are huge (for source) and detailed and you can level up to your hearts content. The game has its share of laughs, sometimes not completely intentionally, the audio isn't in English (which
I thought added to the atmosphere), the localization is sometimes silly, and the complexity of all the systems (cybertech, hacking, psiforce, research) in the game is staggering at first but you get to understand it a few hours in.


Zombie escape

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Cold Case

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