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Glockhead @ Bringing death

My question is, will there be any good gore? Not only talking about the Monolith suicide bombers but in general? I would like some gore but not full out unrealistic SoF Payback gore.

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Glockhead @ Something about weapons

I just found out about Misery 2.0 a week or two ago and I played the original a year ago because of OCedMyToaster, I can't wait until it's fully released, it makes me want to play the earlier version all over again!

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Glockhead @ MISERY

Nah Im probably going to take them to Pripyat with me.

ALSO another bug is the Gewehr sniper scope is off target also, when you fire straight the round goes to the left.

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Glockhead @ MISERY

Ive never had problems really with 1, 8 and 9 and I played through the vanilla version 3 three times.

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Glockhead @ MISERY

Update on bugs:

1. The mission with Uncle yar is bugged: Zombies attack you automaticly.

2. Saiga 12K iron sights are bugged.

3. The automatic pistol you start with as an assaulter, the iron sights on it are slightly off target to the left.

4. If you try to get Freedom to recruit the friendly monolith fighters they kill each other on the spot.

5. Zombies need to be nerfed. They need to be killed by chest shots too.

6. Both the traders inventories NEVER change.

7. UMP45 iron sights are glitched.

8. The dead guy on the medic bed at Skadovsk floats around the boat sometimes then he goes back to the bed.

9. The guards(Freedom) at the lab sometimes glitch into one of the tables at the lab.

10. Fog needs to be fixed, it makes night look like day.

11. AI wont help kill creatures if they're idle (ie playing guitar).

12. Not sure if this a bug/glitch or not but the PPsh41 still says it only take the silencer for the 7.62.

13. When Owl says he'll give me a certain amount of money he only gives me half. Such as if I sold him a PDA for 1000 he'll only give me 500.

14. Theres a few typos here and there but nothing major.

15. You cant get Stalker partners to go away so the only way is to kill them.

Other then that really Ive had a great time playing your mod. Thank you very much :D.

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Glockhead @ MISERY

Yep. Have the same exact problems. Also I had a case where Zombie attacked Yanov and my companion ran around then shot me 2 times with his shotgun for no reason, totally uncalled for :(. And please patch the Zombies to make it where you can kill them by shooting them in the chest. You dont want to know how much ammo Ive lost and many missions Ive failed because I had to shoot them in the head. Not sure how many people agree with me on the zombies. (This is on patch 2).

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Glockhead @ MISERY Ver.1.0 Patch 2

Finally got patch 2 to install properly. I did NOT know there was a patch 1 can some post a link to it please? Also I have a problem with everytime I tell my companion that I want to travel alone the game crashes EVERY time. Ive done it 3 three times.

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Glockhead @ MISERY Ver.1.0 Patch 2

Will someone PLEASE post a tutorial. Ive tried it 4 times and its not working.

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