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Black Mesa

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While great in its persentation and "gameplay", I was forever reminded of the origonal Half Life. I expected too much from this game, but while it looked nice, the gameplay was nothing to be proud of. I personally modified every weapon stat to exactly like the origional, but even then, the predictable AI from the origional (while annoying and merciless as they were) felt missing in the newer.

To my dismay, I actually got bored of it halfway through

Perhaps playing the origional as many times as I did eventually set my expectations TOO high for this release



Mod review


Mod review

I had a fear of playing NH2 when it came out, sometimes not even wanting to continue; but this mod set a new standard for what I find scary. The creepy atmosphere complimented by the ambience and very creepy monsters gave this mod much for me to be scared of. the level design was brilliant, especially with the small details and the various props hanging on the walls, floors, and just about anywhere else.

While this mod was a bit short, the content it showcased made that detail negligible. It created an atmosphere where you did not want to go 'round that next corner or open that door for fearing what was behind it. WHile some plot elements were somewhat hard to find, it just involved some looking around. Health was not too hard to find, and my phobia of having too little ammo kept me using the melee weapons [for me, less than 3 clips of ammo is low]

Other than that, this is a very well done mod

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