I've managed some time to come back and update my core mods. They now come in the form of packaged game pcc files. You use them to replace the original game pcc files and then update your game and DLC pcconsoletoc.bin files with ME3Explorer. Instructions in each package.

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MEHEM - The Mass Effect (3) Happy Ending Mod

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This mod took a controversial and widely disparaged official game ending and turned it into a gem. The real kicker is it was absolutely a fan/player-created ending managed without any support from the game developer: no sdk, no official tools of any kind, just the hard work of a handful of players to reverse engineer core aspects of the game. The best you can say about the game developers wrt this mod is they didn't shut it down as it all came together in the official game forums. This mod is an ingenious cutting and rearrangement of pre-existing game content into an entirely new, and better, endong than was offered officially. It makes the entire series replayable again.

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