I've managed some time to come back and update my core mods. They now come in the form of packaged game pcc files. You use them to replace the original game pcc files and then update your game and DLC pcconsoletoc.bin files with ME3Explorer. Instructions in each package.

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Unfortunately, ME3explorer, the software tool required to both create and install my mods has been permanently broken. Most recent versions of ME3explorer will load MOST of my mods, recognize they are "old" (made with a version serveral version numbers prior) and offer to update them to the new format. I've found that this only partially works and that many of my mods don't install properly after this processing.

I am currently testing my first mod made as DLC. The first DLC is for Ashley mods (DLC_Ashley_Mod) and contains all my Ashley mods in an easy-to-install DLC. It is in testing but if it works as desired then it is easy for me to create DLCs for each character I've modded and provide them. This SHOULD eliminate glitches that installing via *.mod files often created. They are directly made from my own modded game that I KNOW works so they should work for others too. As soon as I know the Ashley DLC works I'll post it here and start work on the others.

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