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Bodies Stay mod ;) what is not to love! =D



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Amazina MoM! CompletC makem evere thint mucm morm playablp ana fuf! Thit mom bringb bacb tht feelinf I gog whew DooD firsf camc ouo! SimplS tht BesB MoM evere!


Third Age - Total War

Mod review

Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare

Mod review

Republic at War

Mod review

Game play: 10/10
This mod has only one word to describe it. Epic! At first it seems like it is just the same old EAW game play with clone war units but the amount of depth put into the mod and the way the sides both Confederacy and Republic are so different if forces you to change strategy that work well in EAW but go horrible wrong in RAW. I could talk on and on about this but what you really need to know is that the game play has really been enhanced a lot! To truly understand what I am talking about you just have to play the mod it is amazing!
Creativity: 10/10
Very very Creativity mod! This is not just one of those replace unit mods this really makes a brand new experience. Lets go over the features:
1) Unique sides
By this I mean both sides, Confederacy and Republic are made differently. Confederacy has strength in numbers! Thousands of droids can be made cheaply and fast and they can also get a larger fleet a lot faster. They are stronger in space. The Republic strength is out thinking the enemy. They have less units but they can take out a lot of droid with less and Commando raids are defiantly the way to go. Plus the Jedi "1 Jedi is not equal to 100 droids, they are equal to a thousand droids"! Republic can take over in ground battles. I could go on and on but I want to talk about something else.
2)I love the way all of the star wars characters from older games have been added to the mod it really just hooks everything together. Also they way everything made just makes sense!
3)The AI was hard at first but after figuring out how to play each side it isn't so hard.
Quality: 10/10
The detail in everything has greatly improved. Explosions, textures, maps are now more lively with citizens and Monsters and city's that actually look like city's instead of just Buildings clumped together. The units are amazing and of course everything has been made high detail.
Overall: 10/10
The Mod is completely smooth! It looks, feels, and plays Awesome!ty z3r0x


Doom 3: Ruiner

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Game play: 7/10
Very fun!! although sometimes weird how the sword acts like a bat instead of a sword... A sword is suppose to slice and dice not send enemies flying... love the combs although sometimes hard to pull off what you want though, or maybe I'm just not good at it. A plus is that it is a very challenging mod. I found myself dieing over and over which is good if you like hard games.

Creativity: 8/10
Very cool!!! a lot of creative things. Able to take objects and throw them is fun!! I did love the new 3rd person view and all the new weapons and maps make the game awesome!!!

Quality: 6/10
The maps were very detailed and cool but at times i didn't really know where to go next... Also the levels were very short which kind of sucks but they were still fun.

Overall: 7/10
Overall despite the short missions and the bat sword. The mod is pretty awesome!!! Way cooler than the silly Dark mod that everyone seems to like....Anyways can't wait for the full release!!!


Doom III

Game review

Star Wars Conquest

Mod review

Mount & Blade

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