I'm an Aussie highschool student in year 12. I code, I music, I play hockey, I code, I play TF2. Oh, and I do homework. I'm making CODENAME LITHIUM, a 2D platformer with a personal story to tell.

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Long Time, No Activity

Geko_X Blog

Yeah... sorry about that. I had a few personal issues come up, including school and my general state of mind. All is good now, and I'm back into CODENAME LITHIUM! I think the break did more good than bad, so even better!

Anyway, progress report.

I had a play with some Minecraft-like voxel terrain generation in Unity. Its a hell of a lot harder than what I thought it would be, which was awesome, because I could spend some time on it. I had to teach myself perlin noise, too. I ended up writing an algorithm, which went something like this:

  1. Make a PNG from the perlin noise function
  2. Read back the PNG, and create a 2D array filled with the red (or blue or green, doesnt matter) value of each pixel
  3. Multiply each value by 1000 (Unity stores colors as floats) and then divide by the height limit
  4. Spawn a cube at position(i, h, j), where i and j are counters in for-loops and h is the height determined before

This worked great, but only for small terains (less than 128*128 voxels, each voxel being a square metre). Anything more, and I started running out of memory. I thought that this was a rendering problem, so I wrote a script to toggle the visibility and colliders of each voxel depending on if you should be able to see it or not, but this just made it run at about 0.1 - 0.5FPS. At this point I called it quits and a semi-successful job. I did learn however, that you should NEVER DO VOXEL TERRAIN IN UNITY. At least, not just for teh lulz.

Screenshot (click for big image):

Hmm... what else did I do...?

Oh, yeah, that's right! I made a multiplayerFPS game in a weekend. And by made, I mean "is playable, works, but still is far from done". Again, I used Unity.

Screenshots (click for big images):
Explosion! :D Laser from LasersAndRockets
Aside from that, I spent my time doing school work. Who knew that you'd get a lot of work in your final year? Not me, obviously.

I think that's about it.

Until next time, Geko out. (Hopefully next time will be sooner than last time's next time)

Start () {

Start () {

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