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Dodek's Improved Sound Environment

Mod review - 1 agree

To be honest i think this mod has a lot of potential that are wasted.

First of all, I would say this is by far the most innovating mod for BF2 Mod. I am really enjoying the ambient of distant gunshots. I kinda feels like that you're in a middle of heated conflict in real life. I like to see more mods implementing this multiple layer of gun sounds.

There's a lot of genius coding involved in this mod. For example the empty/not empty is very impressive work. At first I thought it was just simply immpossible due to limitation of the engine. It's unfortunate that I have no knowledge of 3ds Max and no one in BF2 community make any not empty reload animation. Various new sound makes the game feels new.

There are few drawbacks of the mod like most of the weapon just feels like weird to use. The AS-VAL and the M14 SUSAT scope is just bad to use. The AS-VAL has horrible textures and model, I mean they could've just the the P4F model and textures. The SUSAT in the M14 needs a lot improvement. When I zoomed the reticle and textures is just horrible. Again they could've just use the SA80 vBF2 lod instead.

The scope shader is awesome thing but what the point of implementing it on a 2D scope? I can barely see effect other than the zoom effect. There a lot of thing that needs to be done in first place. First, why the hell set the tinnitus extreme as default? I do not understand why would they make an on/off switch for disdels effect. I mean the mod itself is called "Improved Sound Enviroment".

It just sad that the creator of this mod simply leave this mod alone. But anyway I am still enjoying this mod regardless. I just wanted to say thank you for releasing your work!.


IDF: Fight for Independence

Mod review

Project Reality: Battlefield 2

Mod review

Heat of Battle: RUSH

Mod review - 4 agree - 1 disagree

I first I thought this mod was never released because it has PR content and aslo content from other mod such Alpha Project, DISE and more, but then I was suprised when he actually uploaded vidoes on YouTube about showcasing the SCAR-H and tells that the mod will be released sometimes at the end of the year. Of course the team have to remove and PR assets and starts making their own content.

Alright, where should I begin? Lets talk about the weapons first, the weapon model looks great! espicially the textures! the weapons looks nice and realistic on top of that the firing sounds is sooo satisftying. The M95 and vz.58p sounds the best IMO. The animations is very high quality for a mod. I am more impressed the fact that somehow the team manage to make the animations to work for a 10 year old engine. Oh I aslo forgot to mention the nicely done animation blending tho, I must admit that it actually made the weapon handling more realistic.
I would say the animation is kinda fair to compare with BF3/4 or some CoD games.

Now lets talk about the weapon balancing here. The weapon is well balanced for the most but some weapons like vz.58 need a rebalanced because 2 shots kill isn't fun. The gunplay is very satisfying with new blood effects. I aslo like the weapon distant sound ambience and the suppression effect. It makes the mod more immersive.

There's not much to say about con, like some of the muzzleflashes are placed incorrectly especially in suppressed guns and bug like when you pick a medkit you'll die instantly. Other than that the mod is perfect if you're looking for a modernized version of BF2 with lots of improvement of the vanilla one.
This mod definitely deserve my vote for mod of the year!

Thanks for reading!


Combat Mod

Mod review

Alpha Project

Mod review - 1 agree

This mod is overall pretty good. It brings so many things that I thought it didn't possible in BF2. The customization is a highlight here, although it was kinda simplistic but still impressive that you guys made it possible in the engine. But when i dug the code about it, it was very complex so I don't expect anybody could configure their own weapon prefix because it involve serious python coding and some HUD skills. The map enviroment is stunning and immersive, love to see more of these!. The weapon drop is aslo pretty good stuff.

Now lets move to bad stuff. The weapons damage, deviation and recoil is just pathetic. It was felt almost no different from vBF2. It might because I suck at the game but I don't know. Another thing is the tank is very much useless. The delay to fire the main cannon is too long and it really does not satisfy me when it hits the target bacause damage is not massive.

Thanks for reading!.


HER Battlefield 2

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