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ZoneExpanded - Road To The North

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Hello, im french native, will do my best in english.

First of all, i'm a Stalker from the release of SOC long ago, discovered the mods of stalkers like 3-4 years before now and i had to say it, this is the best.

I didn't finished it already but i think im close to the end, Just for you know i completed the Stalker Trilogy, Anomaly, OP 2, Winds of times and misery.

But if i must compare RTTN, I think it's overall the best, it combine everything i liked from the others mods : Stability, Realistic bullet damage against humans (And even mutant tbh) YOU take some damage too so be careful ;) (I see you misery), The story is long, interesting, i want to know more and never got bored, Money is pretty simple to make if u are a little smart. (As for me i like to recycle and play with what i find and repair, so i never buy wepaons from vendors, Only ammo and ONE armor i repair very often.

Money can be made easily by Artifact hunting, Mutant parts, Find some gear and repair it for sell or if ur not like me a Paladin Stalker... You could also hunt other stalkers and scavenge.

I tried my best for this rating and i never rated a game, but i think RTTN deserve it, will be sad when its over.

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