- Phobos is the admin of [FC], SWBFspy, and SWBFmodders, as well as reigning world champion #1 player and modder of SWBF (2004). - Phobos continues to share many new contributions public, and expose + ban all the jealous plagiarist poser trolls who keep failing to hijack credit for Phobos' creations. - The SWBF community uses SWBFspy master server (hosted by SWBFmodders) to play online since GameSpy died in 2012. - [FC] has kept SWBF alive since 2008 with epic pro mods, hacks, servers, and more. We're at the helm of making the best mods and tools, such as TWDZF + ZeroBuilder. - Visit our forum to download mods and the SWBFSpy patch. SWBFModders.com is the official SWBF community forums since 2017. We're continuing where Pandemic left off, even without the source code, SWBF is constantly evolving with new mods thanks to us! Official SWBFModders Domains & Websites: * SWBFSpy.org * info.SWBFSpy.org * SWBFModders.com * FCBF.tk * vimeo.com/SWBFSpy * youtube.com/SWBFSpy * player.me/SWBFSpy


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Insurgency Sandstorm - Featuring Custom Maps, Gamemodes and Mutators