I'm Phobos, the best modder ever in the best game ever, and the official Community Leader of SWBF since 2009. I created SWBFSpy in 2013, I admin the Master Server for SWBF1 and SWBF2. The community uses my patch to play online again. I've kept MP alive ever since GameSpy died in 2012. I also develop epic mods for SWBF and share many of them publicly, despite the hostile trolls. Others who are jealous have tried to discredit me or plagiarize my creations/ideas/mods/servers/MS/etc. but they failed. In trying to ban me from SWBF, they only got themselves banned. Visit our SWBFModders community to download mods and the SWBFSpy patch! SWBFModders is the official SWBF community forums as of 2017. We are continuing where Pandemic left off, even without the source code, SWBF is constantly evolving with new SWBF1/SWBF2 mods thanks to us. Official SWBFModders Domains & Websites: * SWBFSpy.org * info.SWBFSpy.org * SWBFModders.com * FCBF.tk * vimeo.com/SWBFSpy * youtube.com/SWBFSpy


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