Just your average hardcore gamer who enjoys playing games (probably a bit too much :O), if you need help or just want to ask questions im always happy to help those in need... ive played enough games to aquire a library of information.

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Warsword Conquest

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Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

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Full Invasion 2

Mod review

Well some might say 10/10 is a bit too much considering, but i say "NAY UNBELIEVER, WHAT HERESY COMES OUT OF YAY MOUTH?"... ok a proper review here goes.

Every so often a game/mod comes out that succeeds in turning simplicity into genius... enter full invasion 2, i shouldnt have to say much more, if you havent tried it yet then your missing out especially if you love the old defend yourself against waves of enemies that get badder and stronger with each wave, with the help of thousands of interesting weapons and tactical barricades you do actually have a chance to win a match even if it is rare, very rare, but all this adds to the greatness of the mod, the challenge of overcoming relentless waves of strange and wonderful creatures (sometimes a tad too strange for me) and to be able to do it all in co-op gives it that unending fun thats kept me coming back all these days.

All i can say is that it was either the work of higher beings or it was simply a match made in heaven, either way this mod deserves a 10/10 because of the fun it has given me and many a friends alike.



Mod review

Like most S.t.a.l.k.e.r mods there are a few bugs here and there but nothing too punishing apart from when the corrupt saves start spreading throughout the marix that is the engine of this game, then you realise that you have to start all over again in a game world thats supposed to make you feel miserable.. well they got the misery part right at least.


Extra Invasion

Mod review

If at first you think this looks ridiculous, it isnt... one of the most enjoyable co-op mods out for warband at the moment, oh and its ridiculous.

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