I am a Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek fan who likes RTS games. I also think the CIS droid army is cool,I prefer the B1 voices in Episodes One and Two. But the ones in TCW are Still pretty good. I also like the Empire,(stromtroopers and AT-AT, plus Star Destroyers are cool), I don't care for the Death Star though. I like the Jedi as well, I don't like the Sith.

RSS Possible fixes for base game with my mod

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There will be possible fixes for my mod .05, don't know if it's just my version of the game or everyone has these problems.

  1. Field Commanders don't show up on the Hero bar during ground battles in FOC, they will appear in 0.5
  2. Star Ship units lose their white team colors in GC, plus AT-ATs and AT-STs
  3. Ilum is displayed as a Tech two Space station instead of one, (A patch changed it from one to two)
  4. Zann can no longer build Rebel or Imperial Barracks

Ilum glitch

To make sure, if these need to be fixed can a modder please tell me how to do a clean install on Steam

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