A university graduate from Glamorgan university, I achieved a 2.2 BA Hons in Popular Music. My dissertation was about the interactivity of music within interactive media, however focusing on video games composition in particular. Through the past 2 years I have worked on a few different projects ranging from side scrolling shooters (Ragnarok Arena Remastered), first person shooters (Fps Terminator) and fun platformers (Thread Bear). All projects with different needs and styles. With the compositional experience in composing for multiple different genre of games and projects I am able to compose in any style or genre. With over 6 years of experience in musical education including school, college and university and not only working within the indie games industry but also 2D animation cartoons I am able to adapt to any and all types of media. If you are interested in my services for commercial or none commercial productions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Elementary School Warfare

Dreads.maggs Blog

So I have assembled a talented team of modellers, concept artists, programmers, map makers and not to mention sound and audio designers and we have taken moddb by storm! Like a epic force that can not be stopped!

Elementary School Warfare is a Cartoon comedy first person shooter on the unreal III engine developed by The Original Studios.

The game is based on a (fictional) elementary school and the kids that attend it, but with a twist!
It is a Geek's vs Cool kids Bonanza that will host game types including Free for all match, Team squad match, Rescue the Teachers and many more. The maps consist of corridors and hallways with classrooms rest rooms, there will be a play ground map, a sports field, lunch hall and main reception area including the principles office! With original and classic weapon types such as sling shot, blow pipes, water balloons, crayon guns, water bomb launchers, stink bombs which will blow you away and character models that will make you smile this is sure to be one of the hottest new indie games to watch out for!
Keep tuned for updates and more! Check us out here Moddb.com
You can also follow our tweets on Twitter.com
And you can also join our group on facebook Facebook.com
PS Please be aware that all content is fictional material this does not reflect actual school life.

Quite oh so bloody quite

Dreads.maggs Blog

Hey so University is killing me and as a result I have a tone of work that I do not even want to get into talking about it and bore you with the details. So any way had a lot of new offers to work on some mods but when will people get it in their heads that if your just starting the mod then why the hell get a composer in at that particular point, we cant do shit until the game is in some sort of working form, otherwise its a waste of time us doing anything, oh compose a main theme I hear you say? How about no! simply NO! Your only gonna turn round and say oh we don't like it now or its not long enough or one of the many other things that dev's decide to spring on you when you have worked your butt off for no reason in the first place. I think its a dam fine idea to jump on a mod that has a working alpha at least before you can completely commit your hours of your time composing and then mixing for hours upon end. So rant over! I will update stuff when I get uni sorted. Peace

FPS Terminator, composing music

Dreads.maggs Blog

So I have been given the amazing task of composing a original score for the Gears of War mod FPS Terminator, I will be starting the compositions some time in the near future but first I have to get this damn uni work done and out of the way! However if you would like to check out the mod that will change your life forever follow this link Moddb.com
The tracks I will be composing will be in the same style as the music from the first to films and I will be releasing some sample up on my profile when they are done.
Well stayed tuned folks, more universe alliance samples will be going up soon and some reworks too!

Games Games Games

Dreads.maggs Blog

Exactly what the subject says, I have so many games to compose for it's not even funny. I have now though managed to get some amazing help from some awesome composers and the original studios is really taking off in a big way, If you do not believe me check out the group page!
I have recently got the east west composers pack and a new kx8 yamaha midi controller, I have been working on some new material for Universe Alliance and now I am the sole composer for the game as a decision was made to keep the composition of the game and the mechinama seperate woot woot for me!
So please check out the new sample tracks and let me know what you think.
Peace out peeps

Universe Alliance Update

Dreads.maggs Blog

So I have been working my socks off on composing some music for Universe Alliance and I am pleased with what I have so far. It is just some small ideas that probably will be altered but it gives all you folks something to listen to and I want to keep you all informed of the progress the game is making. I recently got to hook up with Stefan from the Blackheartgames team, he has been working on a mind blowing menu screen for the game and asked me to compose a short piece to go with the menu, I posted it up on my profile so you can all take a gander and check out some of the other ideas I have been having for the game itself. The game is going to have a series of short films as well which I am looking forward to composing the music for and cant wait to get started on that.
I will be working on a few more pieces over the next few weeks and once they are up and going I will post them up so you can check them out!
Any way keep it real people.
Thom Maggs aka Dreads

Universe Alliance

Dreads.maggs Blog

I have been given the amazing honour to be working alongside the biggest up and coming indie games developer Blackheartgames, they are producing a game called Universe Alliance, this game is gonna blow your balls out of your eye sockets when it is released! I have the honour of being there music composer for the game and god dam it I am dam excited about it! I will post more information and possibly links to the progress of the project as it develops and will post up music for the game as well!
Keep tuned kids!

Snow in Cardiff

Dreads.maggs Blog

So havent wrote a blog in a few days and now I feel it is time to write another. It has been snowing a lot in cardiff and as a result the pavements are really icy! I unfortunately had the task of try to walk into uni today with my guitar which was attached to my back with my nifty back pack case. I thought I would be ok considering I have been skiing in austria and france and that I could deal with a little bit of snow and ice. Boy was I wrong, had a bit of a funny fall and almost took out a young boy with me as well, fortunately the boy is ok, but I was less worried about him and more worried about my guitar. Dont worry the guitar is still in one piece thank god. I feel I had a lucky escape today lets hope it does not happen again when I go back in on monday!


Dreads.maggs Blog

I am currently rushing through some work for uni which is doing my head in, its a project on music internet blogs, I am studying the cultural impact they have on people who use them. However it is for a module I suck balls at so I am slowly dying a painful death! I have a short film to compose for as well called combustion which is about cars! oh joy composing music about cars that sounds fun doesn't it?
No it doesn't!!!! Is my answer!!!
So I am done with ranting now, this was all just a way to get away from the cultural studies work!

Music For Mods

Dreads.maggs Blog

Ok so I have just about finished my work on Ragnarok Arena Remastered which is my first mod project and I have enjoyed the crap out of working on it, check some of it out its been uploaded to my audio/video part of my profile! However I have noticed one thing about the mod community, it seems like it just doesn't seem to want composers, that to me seems really weird as games in my opinion need music and some good music, not some rubbish put together last minute. They need planning and someone who knows what they are doing. I really hope to see more mod developers take a serious look at the audio forums as there as some quality composers out there. Not to mention that I am offering my services completely free of charge, no that seems to me like a good deal and there are many others that offer free or very cheap services. So listen out developers we are here and we will be heard, so check us all out and give us some dam work already lololololol

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