A university graduate from Glamorgan university, I achieved a 2.2 BA Hons in Popular Music. My dissertation was about the interactivity of music within interactive media, however focusing on video games composition in particular. Through the past 2 years I have worked on a few different projects ranging from side scrolling shooters (Ragnarok Arena Remastered), first person shooters (Fps Terminator) and fun platformers (Thread Bear). All projects with different needs and styles. With the compositional experience in composing for multiple different genre of games and projects I am able to compose in any style or genre. With over 6 years of experience in musical education including school, college and university and not only working within the indie games industry but also 2D animation cartoons I am able to adapt to any and all types of media. If you are interested in my services for commercial or none commercial productions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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I am currently rushing through some work for uni which is doing my head in, its a project on music internet blogs, I am studying the cultural impact they have on people who use them. However it is for a module I suck balls at so I am slowly dying a painful death! I have a short film to compose for as well called combustion which is about cars! oh joy composing music about cars that sounds fun doesn't it?
No it doesn't!!!! Is my answer!!!
So I am done with ranting now, this was all just a way to get away from the cultural studies work!

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