Born in Ukraine in 1978, immigrated to Israel at age 12. Began inventing card and board games long before my first computer. During the 90s became a fan of video games and early 3D shooters, with their pixelated charm and has been making games and mods since 2005. He made his first games on CliK&Play; and later Game Maker, then discovered the Doom modding community, contributing to Skulltag and ZBlud. His main focus is spriting and art. The WolfTC for Doomsday project gradually led to him to focus mainly on Wolfenstein 3D modding, and he released many big mods as a leading member of Team RayCast, with many others currently in development. Recently joined "Blade of Agony" project as a main Spriter.

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Castlevania: Simon's Destiny

Mod review - 2 agree

This is one of the best TCs of 2017, top 3 I'd say.

Following the success of "Hocus Pocus" TC, this brings old 2D platformer faithfully to 3D, with true love and understanding of the original game, keeping the original charm and adding to it the abilities of a 3D game.

With all the respect to "Hocus Pocus", "Castlevania" is immortal classic and the remake shows us exactly why. It creates the desire to replay the original classic - that is one of the best platformers of all time, that has a right balance of discovery, challenge, mix of melee action and magic powerups - all perfectly balanced with easy to handle and intuitive controls. Addictive gameplay you don't want to stop. And now well adapted for 3D which brings a new life to it.
Very nicely planned and well crafted mod.

Both floor action and platformer gameplay are nicely done - in challenging yet realistic way featuring various atmospheric environments with large and well-themed enemy selection, everything is adapted so well.

A must-play.