I am an amateur texture artist working for mod projects in my spare time. Currently I am the lead developer of “The Great War 1918” team, a WW1 modification for Company of Heroes (as texture artist, historian, designer and code monkey). I also assist the Verdun Online project as historian, an indie FPS game project set in WW1. Amongst other projects I made textures for "His Righteous Mod" (under the nick Grenadier), a modification for Dawn of War.

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As Rataconfusca (the TGW1918 mod leader) and I were discussing about the mod's latest update (chemical warfare), I jokingly said I should hotkey a "read the update" answer to the unavoidable questions that would pop-up.

Rata thus started listing all the hotkey answers that would make PR work easier:

F1: read the update
F2: when it's done
F3: we will only add four factions
F4: it is within CoH's gameplay scope
F5: it wasn't used in 1918
F6: it's already in the mod
F7: wtf are you saying?!?
F8: the picklehaube was replaced by the stahlhelm in 1916

me: "doesn't F8 fall under F5?"
Rata: "deserves its own key!"

Let's play a little game: what's the typical question that goes with each typical answer?

Jokes aside, monitoring the community does feel like Sisyphus' task. I should write a FAQ, but I wonder if people would even read it considering they ask questions that are answered in the mod's summary!

Anyway, here's why all our gas warfare screenshots have the cloud effect in the background and not the foreground:
Gas cloud screenshot

"iz zat a tommy or did zat cactus just move?"

P.S. Volchonok from the MoW WW1 mod noticed that we didn't show a MG08 so far, despite having a working model since September 2010. I made sure to have a sneak peak in the last update.

don Durandal


So the human players for the first time in CoH gaming history will have it's soldiers fighting in such a dense cloud that you can barely make out who's who?.

I guess CoH has recevied a nice "technological" boost lately.

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don_durandal Author

He he, quite.
Well it’s not that bad ingame. You need to place your camera right in the middle of the cloud to get the kind of screenshot I posted in my rant.

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Hehe, I see now that Mg-08 didn't appear in the update accidentally =)
By the way, you forgot to add one answer - Never! Goes for dozens of question, most annoying of them being "Beta? Demo?".

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don_durandal Author

True! I should have added “F9: we will not release a demo / open beta”.

I actually planned to explain why we’re not doing an open beta in my next rant. It’ll help release some stress ;)

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Heh, one more answer, but it fits more our mod - "Bayonets are just because they look awesome. They are not usable." Damn, I have said it like for hundred times xD

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