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HeroClix PSP progress update

Dman49 Blog

I don't know if anyone will look at this, but I don't know where to put this besides the news section of HeroClix PSP, but it seems too small for an update :S

Getting down to the point I have worked hard these past few days on a multi piece support system that can use as many characters as you want to put into it. I plan to make it so that each player can only have 4 characters due to the limited size of the screen.

Mini Update 1
( choose piece for action is asking which piece you want to move or attack with )

At the moment I have 1 player playing with 2 pieces ( with some notable bugs), but it is coming along better than I had thought.

I also have a bug with the second player's attacking: it will attack multiple times on the same turn without you altering anything. Don't worry! I'm stilll working hard to achieve an awesome and stable beta!

Mini Update 1

I almost forgot! I am starting to add the "pushing" system (you can see from the blue dot on GA#2)
which gives you consiquence if you move a character 2 times in a row.

Game Progress:
Map Mechanics - 65%
Movement Phase - 95%
Attacking Phase - 95%
Character Visuals - 99%
Multiple Characters - 30%

Progress to a beta - 68%

Until next time!

BBox Incoming!! Dman49

Dman49 Blog

I have just submitted my BeastieBox app/game to the PSP Genesis Competition! I will be releasing the downloads here soon, but for now they are on MediaFire. I have worked hard on this, fighting through bugs and just day to day fullness :P So Ch-Check it out!

Check out my entry page here:

*download links are there too*

- Dman49

Lua Programming - First PSP app!

Dman49 Blog

I'm currently learning the LUA language to begin making some PSP games/apps. Right now I'm working on a simple beatbox app, with beastie boys if you didn't guess it. Maybe I'll enter it into the Genesis competition, just because I want to see what happens :P I obviously don't expect to win, but maybe I'll get a few comments...if I'm lucky :D

- Dman49


Dman49 Blog

I just posted a screen shot of my 2d MineCraft PSP texture pack! So you can see what it is before you download it blindly. But AdRock was nice to look at no?

I will be trying more texures, so if you have any recomendations or requests to see your favourite MineCraft texture pack on the 2d PSP version, just leave a comment.

- Dman49

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