Well, you see, I am an enchanted seller of a high pedigree. How wonderful of you to assume this, brilliantly delivered goods with a pat on the back and a slightly worn rose handed to you, do you not agree? How can one mistake me for a jester? impossible collective thoughts, really quite abysmal and macabre. Please, sit down and read a good book recommended to me by one of my many cousins, the smallest one in-fact, quite a reader I must say. Beautiful. Many thousands of years ago, I was selling rocks and time capsules that I found scattered around on this planet, it was a well educated and exhausting time, but I coped. Will I be sharing my now aged antique olden golden capsule goodness? Who knows; just be sure to keep a finger tip on my page, or a finger nail if you don't cut them that often. Much gratuitousness.


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