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This mod feels like someone took Nightmare House 2 and took away some of the puzzle and scripted horror elements(which were really, really good) and put in enjoyable combat. Which is made quite obvious in the house and tutorial with the great easter eggs.

The combat quickly got repetitive as do head-shots, pull back, do head-shots seemed to work 90% of the time. That's not a massive deal though as the zombies moved faster, making responsive accuracy more important, not to mention that you got to see their head explode, maybe they'd drop a helmet, having to aim-down sights because of whatever you call the dynamic hip-fire mechanic thing was also pretty important, etc etc etc. There's a bunch of stuff that made the repetitive combat acceptable. That's just a note rather than a big point of critique, though.

A cool mechanic to add to the saferoom could've been some of the guards that weren't necessary for side/main quests randomly were off scouting for supplies when you'd come back, which would also make it more rewarding if you could save the dude that didn't get hurt in the escape. Maybe also adding a few lone guards with a low chance of spawning that you could rescue that could also eventually go scouting for resources, etc. Not necessary, just a couple of ideas as I found the saferoom to seem rather static, despite the supply section that would spawn loot every now and again.

As much as I hate critiquing voice-actors I feel like for example some of the rescued voice-actors could use some re-records and retries. Stuff like overacting and not sounding natural at all could actually make me cringe in that section of the game. Not really a huge fan of the Japanese dialogue in the story either, but since it was such a short dialogue and it can be rationally explained it didn't ruin that cut-scene too much for me.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for chapter two, and I wish I could write a longer review to show the appreciation as well as the critique.



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I just don't think it's really that good. The scripting seems quite good, and it seems like you're having a lot of fun doing this which gives it passion which is important, but there's not much new to it. Everything is either beg/borrow/steal(Sorry, I'm pretty sure nothing was stolen, I just had to steal that frase from SCII xD) and there's next to nothing new in graphics or settings, and it's just a lot of lack of improvement apart from the actual game(HL2). I'm not tracking it, but I will drop by every now and again, because I really want to see how it improves, because I really wanna see this mod rise and rise and one day just be plain hands down AWESOME. I think it can be pretty great if you find members that can model, map and do textures and everything, because if you do you have pretty much everything you need to make a great mod, or perhaps even your own game! I don't think you guys are bad modders, I just think you guys just don't have a full team yet. Good luck to you guys. Really hope you achieve greatness within modding. Lol. Peace out!


Task Force Defcon Episode 1

Game review

Graphics were good. Details were awesome and gave a feeling that all npc's plus the main character were either professional or quite close The environment felt kinda realistic and I wanted to just kill everyone and get the hell out of there, which makes sense as most people just would've wanted to do the same..

It got quite boring and even annoying as you just kept killing people, coming to new rooms and had to start all over again as your enemies could take 1 clip each, and you had to hit them with two rifle-grenades to kill them. Also, as they did outnumber you after your comrade either got killed or somehow decided not to follow you anymore, you were pretty much screwed.

This is not a game I plan on opening again unless some real good patches are released, because it made me feel like I was a fat plated knight. I was slow, I could hardly aim and the recoil was wicked sick in a bad way. I could take so many bullets that a paintball gun would've been a better option, and I didn't even see them as I was mowed down from *behind a door*. Fix the combat system and the friendly ai, increase aiming speed, lower recoil and make so you have to hold the right mouse button to aim so you can at least aim down your sights and shoot at the same time, add an options menu and it will pretty much a great game.

This is getting a 5 out of 10 because it has pretty good potential to become a good game, and the graphics are pretty cool, except for shooting animations, muzzlefire and fire. Those glitches shouldn't be all that hard to fix if you really want to make a great game.

Thanks for reading.



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