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Red Alert: Armor Rush

Early access mod review

great mod


Kane's Wrath Reloaded

Mod review

great mod i want to review each faction
GDI, the faction mostly consists of normal unit and not mods. they have some upgrades that are over powered but that makes a challange
inprovements: unit upgrade that makes zone trooper as a unit leader simmlar to the black hand one

Steel talons: great tank faction i cant complain about andthing of them over powered but thats alright because of their main units are tanks
improvements:the long ranged defence would help alot.

zocom: alright faction abit harder to play.
improvements:NEED RAIL GUN UPGRADES there whole zone thing makes them what they are EA was stupid not to put them in

NOD:good faction just the avrage units plus some extras
improvemnts:needs more modded units like avenger and the salamander. and an offencive upgrade.

Black hand: really really good faction, i love how you have turned them from a flame type faction to a full on unit over whelm team.
improvments: long range defence,kane and unit (infantry) offence upgrade.

marked of kane: by far my fav faction they are so awsome EA called them a cyborg faction just because they had to crappy cyborg units but you turn them into *** kickers if you know how to use them :)
improvments: cant really say maybey for all nod teams the tiburim fields

scrin: the normal faction not much to them
inprovements: tiburm fields and maybey turn them into an invasion alien team instead of buf themed creatures

reaper 17: harder to use focuses on overwhelm attacks
improvemnts: shelids and terra form tower (applies to all scrin faction make it build more than three times)

travler 59: great air faction
improments make those human dudes auto control people.

GAF great faction
inporvment offence upgrade.

ideas make a forgotten faction i saw the unused buildings in WB make a forgotten faction and make them build garrsion civilin buildings and make them have building like in Tiburuim alliences or etc or evan make a faction like in command and conquer 4 and mcv only LOVE THE MOD!!!!

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