One of the most popular mods of Red Alert 3 currently in China: Armor Rush. AR has been developed for almost 5 years since 2013. Now, AR is coming on moddb! Welcome to discuss in Discord: Yuy9z3R

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GovernorVegetable says

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Not like the extension.
To modify the original content too much, especially the ultimate weapon and units attack distance, totally unacceptable.
With cartoon characters as the unit even command adjutant, and voice Tenkei factions, it's disgusting.
Scarlet Crescent is China, but completely don't see what the Chinese style, ultimate weapon was just all over the map in the music, it is better to Eastern China Loong.
If you want to modify the original content, you should learn RA3 Science or Red Alert 3: Revolution, modify something not too far.
If you want to do new factions, new model, you should make some decent like Eastern Loong or Generals2, and should not be patchy.
Since the expansion of the Chinese people do want to go abroad then don't be a fool.


jesric1029 says

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I would really give this mod a 9.7 if I was able because it's almost perfect. Considering what has been accomplished here and how much content is added I do believe that a 10 is justified, even if the mod isn't totally complete yet.

The reasons why I would give it a 9.7 are:

1. The Allies Super Weapons are so much weaker than the Soviets. In fact, I think that the Soviet Nuclear Bombs are too much. When I am playing against a bunch of enemies I don't want to end the game so quickly by launching one nuke but in fact it destroys the entire map. The Allies have weak super weapons by comparison that only give a brief advantage.

2. The difficulty of the bots is a bit confusing. Having an "Epic" bot set to "easy" seems harder than playing against a Brutal bot which makes me wonder what exactly epic does to the AI beyond giving them some OP (and quite annoying to be frank) abilities.

3. The propaganda center plays a variety of Chinese music. This is fine, some of the songs are a bit annoying but some are actually pretty good. The problem is that you have to hear these songs blare every time you activate the perk and turning music volume down doesn't stop the sound.

These 3 are minor areas of concern but the three things I would love to see changed, still this mod is top notch and adds a LOT of enjoyment to an otherwise sub-par C&C title (in my opinion).


Documental says

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Despite the odd unit here and there this mod is surprisingly well balanced. It provides for a rather unique experience not really seen in a Command & Conquer game. It can be rather intense in the end-game, on the player and your computer alike :D

The AI could definitely use some work however. They are poor when it comes to map control and countering particular units such as aircraft, artillery, and base defenses. They play conservative to a point that it's detrimental to them and fail to build suitable units that fit this playstyle.


BSG_75 says

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A very brilliant Mod, full of interesting ideas, with well-written game settings and background stories, under active development.

The only drawbacks are the tendency to crash, and some units are hard to control (for example, just-built nano cores)


Ventilador_Magiko says

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Me encanta este mod, espero que tenga una larga vida. :3


deener123 says

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great mod


Crice1138 says

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a quailty gamechanging mod

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