Yes I love to play games especially RTS games! But I do like to play a shooter once in a while.. I love playing mods and if u ever see my name on any games its probably me!

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Kain Talus
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Kain Talus was born on Kuat to a wealthy family with holdings in the Kuat Drive Yards and military positions for generations. He had an older sister, Leah, who was very protective of him growing up and influenced him greatly along with his father, who was an Imperial Captain. He grew up with great respect for the military and what it stood for. And when he turned 17 he signed his enlistment papers and took a cadetship at the Imperial Naval Academy just as his father did before him.

While at the academy he not only proved to be a capable commander but also had great skill and interest in intelligence. To that end upon graduation and commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant he was assigned to naval intelligence. He quickly rose through the ranks eventually settling into the position of Lieutenant Commander and the 2nd in command of Naval Intelligence.

During this time in naval intelligence, his family ran into issues with the ISB and the Sith agents that continuously probed them and their holdings in the Drive Yards. After a brief confrontation with one agent, Kain's father Bracus assaulted the agent and his father disappeared. Upon learning of his father's disappearance he used his contacts within the Navy to try to find the location of his father only to learn that he had been killed and his body dumped on a back water planet in the outer rim.

To avoid ISB attention he used his skills learned at the academy to find out what happened to his father. Only to discover that it was the ISB itself that was responsible for his father's death. Because of this his trust and faith in the ISB evaporated, already thinning during his time in naval intelligence. However to protect himself and his family, he kept his hatred for the sith and the ISB as a whole to himself, and only those closest to him even had a hint about his feelings towards them.

Upon his father's death he inherited the holdings in the Drive Yards owned by his father and thus he was thrown into Kauti politics. With his natural charm and shrewd diplomacy skills he managed to do well despite his age. He declined the nomination to the Imperial Senate on the planet's behalf, due to the fact that he would have to give up his commission as an Imperial Officer, instead choosing to remain involved in the system politics and the politics of the Drive Yards itself.

Currently he still holds his position as the 2nd in command of Naval Intelligence on Kuat, and from there he uses his power and connections within the Drive Yards and the Navy to spread his influence. His ultimate goal is to see the ISB dismantled and the Sith executed for the crimes against the empire and her people and all the problems they have caused over the years. In its place he hopes to lead the new Intelligence agency, yet that remains but a thought in his head.

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Kain Talus
Class: Citizen
Affiliation: Imperial
Status: Lieutenant Commander, Naval Intelligence, Imperial Navy
Age: 29
Home world: Kuat
Physical Characteristics: Hazel Eyes, Brown Hair, 5' 10", 180 LBS. Scar across left eye.
Starting Skills:
Basic Combat
Trooper I
Juggernaut I
Officer I-III
Charisma I
Fencer I
10 points, 0 free
Equipment: Blaster Pistol Blaster Rifle Vibro Blade Set of light armor, similar to storm trooper armor.

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