You can't beat STALKER. I've tried pretty much every game out there but, I've found none that put me where this game does. I start playing and get lost in a world that can be both beautiful and terrifying. I remember my first visit to the Yantar lab in SHOC. It was in the early hours of the morning, I was using headphones while sneaking around the lab. The atmosphere had me on the edge of my seat. Ten seconds later something totally unexpected happened and put my heart in my mouth. I paused the game, shaking like a little child and from that moment on for me it has been the stick by which all games are measured. And sadly they just don't measure up. STALKER is a thousand games in one. Set in a constantly changing, evolving world. The only time any two playthroughs are the same is when you hit that ENTER THE ZONE button at the start of the game.

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R.E.B.O.R.N. Another way
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Oooo spiders.

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nashathedog Author

It has a few new mutants. The extra large Psuedogigant, the stick flesh and possibly others. These spiders are done very well. They move good etc. Have a look. I'm having a break today so I'm playing this. It's a hard mod and after the initial first bit where it sends you to the Skadovsk for kit (You start on the Zaton map) your best just running away and around everything while you make your way to the Clear sky base on the Marshes map for instructions etc.

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nashathedog Author


I've spent a few hours in game now and managed to find a non hostile bandit base in the Garbage (Yantar and Agroprom were both hostile areas and a nightmare). I got loads of decent guns (There's a high walk weight limit) but I'm sure as hell not selling them to the bandit trader for pennies. I finally got hold of an outfit to wear. I found someone at the bandit base who swapped me a winchester I had for it.

So I'm still trying to make it into the Swamps and the CS base as ordered. I was hoping the Neutral base would buy my kit but I haven't managed to make it there yet (I don't even know if it's gonna be friendly).
Hostile Military hold the Cordon side of the access points and I haven't managed to get around them yet there's a psi effect on the Cordon's outer edge that's throwing my co-ordination of so the squaddies are kicking my arse every time.

It's a hard mod no doubt about it but when you do figure out a way around a problem it's rewarding to have managed it. I die a lot and swear a lot at it and I'm playing on novice...

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nashathedog Author

It's a good mod, annoying as hell but a good rebuild. Currently the best CS mod with the original storyline has got to be the CS Mod pack 2012 which is available on Moddb from the CS Remix site but for something totally different this is a real challenge and they have done a pretty decent job of translating it for us which most the Russian mods don't do. We gotta give them points for that too.

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An interesting Clear sky mod available here on Moddb. It's hard so be prepared to run away a lot to start with but once you get your bearings it's fun.

This file adds some starting kit to the mod.

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