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The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)

Mod review - 1 agree

It is simply the best!


The Call of the Fireflies

Mod review

It is always an interesting idea to take a game and completely pick it apart in order to create a new game. Such ideas are refreshing to any kind of game and in this case it turns out to be a completely different game than the shooter elements that the original Crisis is very fond of. Call of Fireflies could easily be described as a piece of art. It takes the crisis graphical engine, removes anything that has to do with shooting and creates a mysterious yet very beautiful puzzle-game. However, as much as the atmosphere and conceptual idea wants to show the Crysis-game from a completely different angle it doesn’t utilize the full potential that the engine has. Instead we are limited to a few areas that essentially aren’t that big enough to really give you the feeling of a different world. The amazing music from the trailer is neither being used which is really a shame since it would certainly have given the game a unique atmosphere. In the end you feel that you just jumped into a little puzzle-box that can provide you with entertainment and some brain breaking for an hour; nothing more and nothing less. Even so, one must also realize that the purpose of “Call of Fireflies” may not be to create a total overhaul of Crisis like the Nehrim-project did to Oblivion but rather to provide the building blocks for future mod-creators of Crysis. It simply states the magnificent beauty of turning a game into something else entirely. Call of Fireflies is essentially just a “short story” made as a game. It is far too short to be an alternate universe that can be explored and the puzzles are basically far too easy to solve to provide you with more than a short second of pleasure. Call of Fireflies is more like a little painting. You look at it and find it nice but it fit more as an addition to your wall than as an intellectual piece of art on a museum. You will enjoy it the first time but you won’t come back for it again. Instead enjoy the mod for what it is; a simply brilliant str


Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack

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This Mod has a great deal of potential but still has its fair share of crashes even with the patch. I want to believe it is because I have a crappy computer but actually it is quite strong.

New Maps:
There are two kind of new maps: Maps from the first Battlefront game and selfmade maps. The maps from the first game seem to run fine and well converted. The new maps are well made but has a tendency to frequently crash. This often happens when you play in "instant-mode" when the new maps are put onto the list.

New Game Modes:
The new game modes are fine and works without greater problems. They are not exactly as exciting as one may think but they are stable and fun most of the time.

New units:
The new units may be the most interesting part of this mod. There are many new heroes with different skills and appearances. You can now play as heroes from Knights of the Old Republic which is quite cool. Their appearances may not be perfect but you can live with it. The mod also includes new infantry units and vehicles. The infantry units are fun but doesn't add anything to gameplay. The inclusion of vehicles is great but sometimes you get the feeling that some of the maps are just too small for bigger vehicles.

New Galactic Conquest:
A new GQ is available which feature the Old Republic. The ideas is great but it lacks stability. It crashes every second planet you visit and as always this spoils the fun.

I won't say this mod is bad but it certainly lacks stability. Almost every 15 min. the game crashes and it happens especially when you do certain things like playing the new maps in instant mode or when playing GQ: The Jedi Civil war. A shame. It has great potential.

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