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Warlocks, also know as Summoners, Night Agents, Merchants of Darkness, and among Circles of Night Supporters, Night Listeners, are individuals who can tap into the Void of the Night lord himself, may the light prevail, to summon creatures from his domain to his help. They can summon Demons, Night Creatures, and their own night keeper, which is a night creature specific to their birth-sight (Vulpa, Felis, Avis, etc.).

Warlocks are, without exception, Evil and remorseless since most rituals require sacrifice of either a faerie, dwarf, or human. They can tap into the void for a set amount of time depending on the sacrifice, with Virgins of noble origins being the highest value sacrifice, and beggars being the lowest. After the sacrifice, they can summon everything they need from the void: weapons, spirits, demons, and even magical fires to help them in combat. However, the more powerful the summoning is, the more demanding it is.

Warlocks often go hand to hand with necromancers, since a warlock can tap into the void and ask for a soul (probably one of many who's been sacrificed in the rituals) to take over a body, and thus gain control over it. However, necromancy can be achieved with Shamanism as well, and with mage-powers too.

Warlock magic is powerful, but unlike other magic, it can deal very little actual damage itself, since most of the damage is done by the summoned creature. Warlocks also rely on sacrifice to perform magic, making them weaker then other magicians. However, Wizardry and Warlock magic are not mutually exclusive, allowing Warlocks to field some degree of basic combat magic to protect themselves if sacrifice is not available.

Because of their evil nature (bowing the Night lord himself, may the light prevail), and the fact that their vile magic requires sacrifice, warlocks are hunted and killed, and are brutally executed in most places, as serves them right.

Because it's risky for them to go into town, most rely on the country side to feed thei

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