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A D'armenian Battle-wizards. Wizards, as the official definition written in "Of magic and Wizardry." circa 230 after the collapse of the Santin Empire, are individuals who can cast spells that alter the physical word by sheer willpower. For example, to create a fire, the wizard alters the air around his finger tips to create the fire. Wizardry offers an advantage over mages, who must tap into the Light trough religious practice to summon magical fire, Shamans, who must spend years communicating with the nature to call lightning, and over warlocks, who will tap into the darkness of the night lord to summon the fire, thus allowing his evil to taint them. Wizards form the bulk of magicians around Remion, as it's the Easiest form of magic, requiring nothing but training and ability for magic. As such, while most wizards will get beaten by most other magician in a duel, there will always be more wizards then other types of magicians. Grand Wizard, however, who spent years practicing wizardry, can cast spell with surprising speed, since wizardry does not require tapping into any source of magic other then the wizard himself. Thus Grand wizards are a force to be reckoned with, as they can create horrible fires whiting seconds, while other magician will have to charge a spell for a long time, from half a minute, to an hour.

Wizard form the bulk of warrior-magicians, since they are quickly to learn practical combat spells which can be learnt relatively quickly, like an ignition spell. However, Wizardry is not good for healing, since healing requires tapping into the mages own power. while ignition spells are a simple matter of Manipulating air and combustibles, such as hair, clothes, grass etc. healing requires to manipulate tissues, which takes a great deal of concentration, only powerful wizards can do it, and then, only on themselves.

Wizardly is not frowned upon, unlike other magicians. Mages are being mostly ignored (and In case of priest, ridiculed), Shamans are bei

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