Gaming in a time when us long abused scapegoats have risen with pitchforks in hand. A socialist living in a time of political, racial, and gender McCarthyite witch-hunts that involve no shortage of ideological civil war. An anti-theist in a time of mass-enlightenment via the internet and superstition's initial stages of total structural collapse. In these alone I cannot mark myself a revolutionary but at the same time cannot help but find kinship with those of revolutionary flavor.

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Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
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A week ago or perhaps a few, if you queried my political stance I would without second thought call myself something of a staunch leftist. This remains so but in an entirely different sense. Though I may not care much for half of whatever the relevant liberal outrage at any given time was, in an absent sense I stood in agreement. With the advent of 3rd wave feminism and this idea of toxic masculinity floating around, I then however scanned deep and hard to find little of interest.

"I miss the way there used to be an international left and I'm very distressed and appalled at what's rushed in to fill the vacuum of the critique of liberal capitalism. What's come in to fill that gap is much more something like theocratic primitivism if not worse: fascism, that is now the alternative to the globalized capitalist structure. That's an even greater reproach, if you like, but one must look the facts in the face."
~Christopher Hitchens

Those words, from one of many prolonged interviews of Hitchens cemented the thought. I am, none too unlike the rare and few old Republicans, among those who have been betrayed by their party. In respect to this realization, I will oppose the left at any given reasonable opportunity as but one individual in an attempt to shift some minds into focus. No matter the party, no matter how good it may be, the party line is no place for the individual.

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