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Hi there Folks,

Here are some of the Projects from the last couple of years featuring my music:

Mount and Blade: Vikings Conquest has licensed one of my Tracks :

I was very surprised finding one of my tracks in the Mount and Blade: Warband expansion Vikings Conquest. Here's the track:


McLaren licensed my track Reflection (It starts at around 0:50). Almost 500.000 views! Woohoo! - Tom Clancy's The Division Fan Trailer:

That's it for now. Check my profile for the newest pieces.

See you ingame,


Blog reanimation

ComposerGuy Blog

Hi there folks,

lots of stuff happened since my last post so I've decided to reanimate my blog. Here are the news:


Check my Soundcloud Profile for my newest Tracks:

Action Strikes

Action Strikes? Huh? Don't you mean Action Strings? NO! This time it's a DRUMLIBRARY from Dynamedion with lots of handy drumloops and single hits inspired by many great movies. I did a lot of audio editing aswell as beta-testing for this one. Here's the link:

N24 Drive

One of my tracks has been placed in the german television show N24 Drive (12th of November).

Audio Mastering

I've been asked to do the mastering for the german Stoner Rock band "Choke the Palm Tree". Check out their new Album:

Wait there's even more!

...but I can't tell you anything right know :). Instead I've decided to give away my track "Beyond the Hills" from the critically acclaimed "Morrowind Rebirth" Mod for FREE, grab it here:

That's everything I've got for now. See you Ingame!


Hey there Guys,

thought I could share my portofolio. Enjoy!


Hey there Guys,

I'm currently very busy with some very interesting Projects. They all will be revealed soon so stay tuned. If you'd like to support me: Download my previous tracks right here:


Hey Guys,

it's time for another update! This time it's some music for "Morrowind Rebirth" and "Dead Man Zand". Enjoy and don't forget to vote! ;)

Morrowind Rebirth:

MW Rebirth - Beyond The Hills - Mod DB

MW Rebirth - Lightflooded Fields - Mod DB

MW Rebirth - A Tale's End - Mod DB

Dead Man Zand:

Meet the Ferryman - Mod DB

And finally a new/old track from Subvert Prototype:

Subvert - Dystopia by Michael Chrostek

Check out Subvert here:

More is coming soon, so stay tuned!

New Music

ComposerGuy Blog 2 comments

Hey Guys,

I was very productive in the last couple of weeks, made a couple of songs and participated in a contest where I got under the top10. I'd like to present you two new songs I have been working on. The ConceptArt is provided by the very talented Markus Lovadina. You can view his latest work here:


Hey Guys,

First of all the big News: I'm officially doing the Soundtrack for Ryan Winzen's "Starcraft Universe"
( maybe you've heard the news ;) ). Secondly I want to present you the "Dead Man Zand" Teaser . Have fun watching it:

See you ingame,

Hey Guys,

It's time for another update. I've released a Free Trailer Music Pack which includes "Sound of the Sword", "Supremacy" and "Reunion". And yes, they are completey free for your Trailer (under specific conditions which you can see in the download description). Heres the link:

Update: Remastered version of "Sound of the Sword" downloadable:

See you ingame,

New Update!

ComposerGuy Blog

After beeing very busy the last month I have another update of my new projects I'm working on currently. First of all the track "Sounds like a plan" is featured in the new Trailer for Forgotten Hope 2.3. In addition you can hear a track called "Before the storm" ingame. These Guys are really awesome and it is a pleasure to work with them. Don't forget to vote for FH2!:

Another project I'm working on is Athena, a single- and multiplayer mod for Half Life 2. The Soundtrack
will be made by me and the very talented Tolifox. Visit Athena here Here's the main menu music:

Videos & Audio - ComposerGuy - Mod DB

But thats not all. "Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox" got finally updated. Within that 2 Tracks
made by me. Visit the game by clicking here

Waking The Undead audio - Revelation: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox Mod for Unreal Tournament 3 - Mod DB

And thats still not all. Currently I'm working on the soundtrack for the beutiful game called "Dead Man
Zand". wich is a humerous point and click adventure by Moutainwheel Games. You will hear the
whole soundtrack (I hope) at the end of the year. Here the linky to DMZ:

And thats still not all... bored? I hope not. I don't know how, but in between all these projects theres
still time to do some perssonal stuff:

Promises audio - Musicians at ModDB - Mod DB

If you are hungry for more melancholic piano action visit my vimeo channel by clicking here

Would be nice to get some feedback, so don't forget to drop a comment.

See you Ingame


The Lethal Stigma Theme is featured in the new Teaser/Trailer from Agent Red Productions. LS is an
Multiplayer Mod for Half Life 2 and the open beta will open their gates tomorrow(14.08.2010).

"Michael is a pleasure to work with. He listens acutely to any and all requests and does additional research to ensure the sound he produces is unique and authentic. He asks all the right questions, is easy to talk to and is a very talented sound artist. I could not be happier with the results."
James Pizzurro Co-founder of Agent Red Production, Co-lead Developer of Situation Outbreak

See you ingame,

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