thechineseroom is the name of a development research project I run at the University of Portsmouth, UK. We're interested in first person gaming - particularly, using mods to explore questions about gaming that you can't answer by just analysing commercial releases or theorising about them.

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Hi all,

So as you all know by now, Dear Esther is going indie for the remake. What we're doing is now splitting the two sites off from one another. The ModDB site will remain up but focused on the original mod version, so we won't be posting to it apart from to point out new updates are available. We'll now be shifting all news about the remake over to the IndieDB site, and all media and updates will happen over there.

You'll still be able to get the original version over on ModDB, it just saves us having to update two sites at the same time.

Everything will also be posted up on the project website -

Finally, just a reminder that we're on Podcast17 this week:

Cheers, Dan

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thechineseroom is an independent game studio based in Brighton and Portsmouth, UK. Based around the research and writing of Dan Pinchbeck, we've spent...

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Skrinax - - 51 comments

I DL'd korsakovia. It keeps crashing everytime I launch it. I have all of the Source SDK's. Please help.

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Eridani - - 15 comments

Is Korsakovia ever gonna be on Desura?

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chineseroom Creator
chineseroom - - 266 comments

It's so badly broken right now it's kind of unlikely - to be honest, we'd be better off starting Korsakovia again from scratch than fixing it, and it's got some pretty deep-rooted design problems too. I think it's more likely we'd go for a completely new horror game at some point - we'll see how Esther does and work it from there....

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Cryptid.Hunter - - 41 comments

Will this be still powered by Source engine?

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megafat - - 32 comments

If you make enough money from Dear Esther, can you go back to Conscientious Objector. It doesn't have to be on the Doom 3 engine, and from listening to the interview from Podcast 17, that is also something that i would buy.

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chineseroom Creator
chineseroom - - 266 comments

I'd love to make a shooter and have early plans in the works. If it ever came to light, there's bits of COb I'd love to recycle...

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Dredile - - 698 comments

Gratz on going indie :D Can't wait

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ytres - - 1,800 comments

You are a mapping god! All other mappers for any game/engine should pray to you every time they map. =D

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PhilipX - - 4 comments

Will there be traditional chinese subtitles?

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EternityTransfer - - 1 comments

It would be nice to have an Afrikaans option for Dear Esther's subtitles, for us South Africans.

Ek wil baie graag die vertaling doen, en ek hoop U sal saam stem.

(I would like to do the translation very much, and I hope you would agree.)


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