I usually make video's for myself as series or I can attempt to make a small video on mod's that need a video or two.

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Cry of Fear

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Might as well give a detailed review while I can.

Summary:This is not your average horror game. To sum it up it's made by in my opinion one of the best horror type of dev's I have ever seen. Im talking about ruMpel. And I cant thank him and the team enough for releasing this mod.

Story 10/10 Why? The story is amazing and it makes you want to play the mod. You start as a lonely but average person. You wake up in a alley with no signs how you have gotten there. Things start to go down and you search for answers.

Graphics*Ugh I hate to say that word*10/10 I.......ok...I was shocked and was very amazed how this turned out in a Half life mod. This mod PROVES it can still be worked on and turn things into very detailed layouts. This is why I enjoy the half life one mod's today.

Gameplay 10/10 It seems simple yet amazing. But the reason why I gave it THIS rating was because ruMpel himself wanted to feel what the gun felt when firing. He fired all types and used the same exact way he fired from the video to an animation on the gun. This helps get the taste of what a gun CAN feel like.

I'm sure I left alot of stuff out but I want you guys just to play this mod. ruMpel if you do see this review please make more. Take your time and rest. You earned it.


No More Room in Hell

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