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Chapter II

As of February 5th, Chapter 1 and the island of Genesis, are no more. We now find ourselves taking part in Chapter 2, Revelations. What is in store for us? No one quite knows. But before I go on, allow me to address some of the events at the closure of Chapter 1. In Chapter 1, we were told of by the Shaman, of a True Prophet that would step forward and of a False Prophet that would step forward. In what seemed like a spiraling out of control Hegelian Dialectic, emerged from a cut scene of an asteroid in outer space. The Ark, the Tower, the supposed Prophets and all its followers amounted to nothing, but unwise fools and a dynamite ending. As an added kicker to all of this, cctoid who managed to spend none of his wisdom, resulted in as being the most "wise" and therefor declared the ultimate winner of Chapter 1.

Now, let us move on. After many years had passed, and the dust settled, life began once more. We find ourselves in Revelations, with a few bits here and there thrown about of our past. The most noticeable difference between the two are the colors I might add. And well, the opposite is true of the Henge and the campfire. If you look about, you'll find the same old watering hole, some berry bushes for food, and the addition of twigs on the ground and various sources of different Rocks. What all these entail is beyond any of us. But with the introduction of what would seem to be a primitive crafting system guised as "Tasks" has taken root. That is to say, gather X, gather Y, put X and Y together, and after some time, you'll get Z. The welcome message also offers an in depth look as to the outcomes and future of Revelations, a few tid bits of a Great King. Who this will be and how we will get there is a mystery for the time being. We hope the readers who gave us a try earlier in the week will return, say hello, and begin supporting others in the communities quest to write the History of the Universe in Chapter II.

The Universal

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