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Salem: The Crafting MMO New Patch/Wipe

Trenial Blog

If you read the summary, you indeed read correctly. If you have not heard by now, a new world will be online shortly estimated at or near to 9AM CST (-6 GMT). Seatribe will be implementing a new patch which overhauls the entire gluttony system top to bottom, eliminates areas in the game where grinding was prevalent, new game material including Lobster traps, and mobs to fight. And last but not least an entirely new map generation system.

Early this year Seatribe developer Jorb posted in the forums a snap shot of the upcoming patch titled: The Ghost of Christmas Future as seen below:

Source: The Ghost of Christmas Future - Salem Forum

Jorb wrote: More in the year to come. Merry Xmas!

Earlier this month on Feb 5th Jorb posted a new Announcement to inform the community of Today's upcoming Wipe and patch implementation.

Jorb wrote: Everyone,

We've been developing for a good, long while, and will soon be ready to drop a fairly sizeable patch on y'all, containing, amongst other things, quite sizeable reworks of character proficiencies and the gluttony system. While we are not quite ready to release the patch yet, we do, nevertheless, feel an obligation to say something on the subject, if only to break an extended spell of radio silence. Thus:

The big news is that, for better or worse, we have decided to accompany the patch release with a complete character and map reset of all existing servers, that is to say a full wipe, and a clean start from scratch on a new server and map. All presently running characters and maps will thus be deleted before long.

Why a general reset?
Two primary reasons.

  • The current server architecture is overestablished compared to our actual needs. Long term it is not feasible for us to keep running multiple servers dropping to as low as single digit populations during off-hours. A reset allows us to concentrate population to one, cardinal server, which appears more in line with the game's actual needs.
  • One of our chief points of dissatisfaction with the present, running implementations of the game is lacklustre map generation. A map reset will allow us to introduce a new, improved map generator.

To that one might add a more general concern about shedding old legacy problems built up over several development iterations.

What about store-bought items?
All store-bought items will be made re-available to you in the new world after the reset, regardless of whether you have lost them or not in game, and regardless of how long ago you bought them.

What about promo items? Beta pack, and such?
We haven't decided entirely, but most likely we'll simply redistribute those as well.

I am really butthurt. You said you wouldn't do this.
We did not arrive at this decision lightly. We have considered all our options (including selective, limited wipes, simple introduction of a new server, &c), and for various reasons found them wanting. It is true that it has been our ambition to not make more world resets, and I hope that it can continue to be thus. The problem of server over-establishment can, however, hardly be solved in any way other than by pruning servers, which we feel leaves us scant options. The introduction of significantly reworked systems for character development also gives cause for balance concerns if we do not introduce them to a tabula rasa.

Bah. When will you actually release?
As soon as we are done with the new map generator, which is what we are working on now. We aim to have it done in two weeks. The rest of the patch is pretty much finished.

I realize that this is controversial, a big deal(tm), and I entertain no illusions that I can possibly cover all concerns and questions in one update post, so I shall instead keep it brief and try to answer whatever questions may pop up, as they do.

Source: Upcoming Patch Announcement
Early this evening Jorb was also seen posting the following confirming that they were indeed on schedule for the patch and wipe to take place today after a rough 12 hour Map generation:

Jorb wrote: Ok. We'll commence generating the final maps shortly. We expect that they will take approximately 12hrs to generate. After that we need to configure the server somewhat, and we should be up sometime after that.

Source: Upcoming Patch Announcement pg. 36 Post# 350
So if you long and done quit Salem and were ever hopeful for a new and fresh return to not only the New World, but New Content, Bug Fixes, and a overhaul of mechanics, now is the time to get your butt on over to Salem the Game and gets yourself reoriented and ready to go for tomorrow morning new launch of the server! Hope to see you all there!


City of Steam - Beta Preview Coming up!

Trenial Blog

Four months have lapsed since the last internal alpha test of City of Steam and we have been receiving a lot of inquiries from media and gamers driven by curiosity after they have seen the game concepts, screenshots and videos. The general question out there is when it will be ready for an open beta test. While we really appreciate the interest in the game, and while we do wish to launch the game as early as possible, many bugs still need to be fixed, additional features and content added. Then we need to squeeze it all down into a small-sized download. We’ve been working hard and we’re satisfied with what we have accomplished so far –the major changes won’t be as visible as we would like, but quite adequate for players to take a peek at the mechanical world.

Rusty Symphonic Glaive

It’ll start on February 28th and the plan is for it to last for 2 weeks. Compared with what has been debuted in the internalalpha test and in the videos up at the moment, there have been leaps and bounds in improvements. Even that GUI you see in these pictures has been completely redone. Four races have been sorted out through players’contributions to show up in the sneak peek – Draug, Riven, Aven and Goblin – along with four classes – Arcanist, Gunner, Warder and Channeler. There won’t be a lot of content but players should get an idea of what it may look like in the months to come.

Rusty Flak Cannon

A limited quantity of keys to the Sneak Peek will be handed out in priority to gamers’ who have signed up for our newsletter. If you have already done that, rest assured that you may get a key in about a week; if you have not, you can try to sign up for one here.

For more information, you may refer to City of Steam Website and City of Steam Forum or City of Steam - IndieDB

Earthrise Shut its Doors Feb 9th

Trenial Blog

Post-apocalyptic Sandbox MMO Earthrise Shuts Down

Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios has announced today that they will shut down the servers for its sci-fi, open-world sandbox MMORPG Earthrise on Feb.9. Earthrise was originally scheduled to switch into free-to-play this year, but the developer has decided to terminate the game service. Director Atanas Atanasov explained the reasons why they decided to do so in a press release.

"One year after the launch of the game, we have decided to stop the Earthrise servers. Earthrise was released too early and did not meet the expectations of its fans. We did our best to revive the game in 2011, but the time was not enough to keep up with the user requirements. There is a huge interest in high quality open world sandbox MMORPGs, unfortunately the big publishers do not show any interest in the genre. It is unfortunate that low budget companies like ours are trying to bring innovations to an already saturated MMO market. I hope that one day an independent studio will be able to release the long anticipated open world sandbox MMO, which everyone is talking about, but no one is making. We tried, but did not succeed. We would like to apologize to those who were disappointed from Earthrise and to thank everyone who supported us during the years."

Masthead Studios did mention that if they can find the investors or a publisher, the free-to-play version of Earthrise may yet return some time in the future. It is most unfortunate to see such a massive approach to the non-traditional sandbox approach go so quickly. I wish we could see more titles like these asking for my hand-outs of alpha funding. I see serious potential with the Desura Platform. Many MMO titles have already taken to putting themselves on Steam. Recently we put The Universal up on IndieDB, and we have seen an increase in the game getting known. The game has survived 10 or so years, without publishers and being free. How is it done? Hardwork and a loyal community like non other. I am personally convinced that it doesn't exactly boil down to just money, but a community of tough stuff behind it, willing to see the game to its end. What are your views personally, I;d love to here them and reflect with you about things like this.


Chapter 2 starts on The Universal Today!

Trenial Blog


Chapter II

As of February 5th, Chapter 1 and the island of Genesis, are no more. We now find ourselves taking part in Chapter 2, Revelations. What is in store for us? No one quite knows. But before I go on, allow me to address some of the events at the closure of Chapter 1. In Chapter 1, we were told of by the Shaman, of a True Prophet that would step forward and of a False Prophet that would step forward. In what seemed like a spiraling out of control Hegelian Dialectic, emerged from a cut scene of an asteroid in outer space. The Ark, the Tower, the supposed Prophets and all its followers amounted to nothing, but unwise fools and a dynamite ending. As an added kicker to all of this, cctoid who managed to spend none of his wisdom, resulted in as being the most "wise" and therefor declared the ultimate winner of Chapter 1.

Now, let us move on. After many years had passed, and the dust settled, life began once more. We find ourselves in Revelations, with a few bits here and there thrown about of our past. The most noticeable difference between the two are the colors I might add. And well, the opposite is true of the Henge and the campfire. If you look about, you'll find the same old watering hole, some berry bushes for food, and the addition of twigs on the ground and various sources of different Rocks. What all these entail is beyond any of us. But with the introduction of what would seem to be a primitive crafting system guised as "Tasks" has taken root. That is to say, gather X, gather Y, put X and Y together, and after some time, you'll get Z. The welcome message also offers an in depth look as to the outcomes and future of Revelations, a few tid bits of a Great King. Who this will be and how we will get there is a mystery for the time being. We hope the readers who gave us a try earlier in the week will return, say hello, and begin supporting others in the communities quest to write the History of the Universe in Chapter II.

The Universal

Monkey wrote: Let us Play!

The Universal - Chapter 1 coming to End.

Trenial Blog

This weekend (4th & 5th Feb) we'll
be saying goodbye to the land of nothing much to do except wait to die
(otherwise known as The Rainy Chatroom with Nutritional Needs). On Saturday from around 11pm (UK time)
there'll be an awards ceremony and we'll be partying the night away
with some tunes, toys, crow tourneys and maybe even some coracle racing,
then on Sunday from 11pm (UK Time) the chapter will be concluding.

Will the Ark Prophet or the Tower Prophet succeed in their mission from
Jehovah? Who'll win Chapter 1? What does winning mean anyway? Is
everyone going to drown? All will be revealed!

Now is a great time if you're reading this blog, to head on over to the The Universal, grab the client and check it out. As you've missed all the long and boring period. :D

MB:WB Mod - Sword of Domicles

Trenial Blog

Beautiful mod, unfortunately they have taken it way too far. Map spuddering is a common nuisance, and I cannot get the damn thing to run properly without using Load Textures on demand, which really causes other areas of the game to spudder. There are far too many towns, castles and villages so titely woven together, its a bit confusing as to figure out what exactly is tkaing place on the world map. Some users have even reported that throughout their daytime playing, the game will just seriously quit responding and sputter out for a good solid hour at times. What to do? Sit, wait, and watch.

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