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The Great Work

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The best "Amnesia" custom story I've ever come across!

It's very detailed and long, coming in chapters, which makes one thing of a literary work - and the storyline, indeed, resembles one in quality.
"The Great Work" features some fascinating topics: The very title alludes to the mysterious ways of the medieval alchemy, and the central figures of the story are based on real historical personalities. The non-linear storyline is supported brilliantly throughout the game.
The maps are beautiful, the scripting faultless; the atmosphere - total immersion at its best.

This CS is definitely something to keep for replaying, along with the original "Amnesia".



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This story is awesome!
It's very interesting and well made, featuring a great voiceover. The very best parts are the beginning and the end. One of the best custom stories for Amnesia, with narrative as strong as that of the original game!


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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I find everything about this game wonderful! For me, it is a work of art.

Most of all - above its great graphics, above the unbelievably immersive music and the masterfully written storyline, - most of all I am impressed by the way 'Amnesia' handles such topics as torture and redemption. There is the level of spiritual and intellectual maturity in it I haven't yet come across in any other computer game. Most just present violence as fun; well, here you will find something different.

The general atmosphere is very dark and somber, yet so beautiful. Being more than a horror story, 'Amnesia' invokes the feeling of sorrow, if one goes the right way about immersion.

'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' is ideally meant to be a solitary experience, so I'm not sure what to think of some LPs (but that's an entirely different topic); yet no matter your playing style, if you appreciate a good narrative, you would like this great game!



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A unique storyline with an immersive atmosphere, highly influenced by different cultures existing in Russia. Russian language version has awesome stylistics and is quite untranslatable.

The game might be a bit too postmodern (as was the intention, so that's a matter of taste).

On the whole, a lovely experience with some replay value.

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