A first-person horror game with a bizarre combination of role-playing, non-linear plot and real time flow from Russian cult developer Ice Pick Lodge (The Void). In the title, you have 12 days to save the town of Ancient Steppe from an unknown disease and to rescue yourself, in this haunting adventure game where disease is an ultimate enemy.

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A unique storyline with an immersive atmosphere, highly influenced by different cultures existing in Russia. Russian language version has awesome stylistics and is quite untranslatable.

The game might be a bit too postmodern (as was the intention, so that's a matter of taste).

On the whole, a lovely experience with some replay value.


Great atmosphere and original concept.
One of the best games I have played so far.

An awful pc game. Just simply awful. It has been said that this is intentionally bad. But, after playing it, I can't think of anything positive to say about this game. Even compared against interactive art games, such as "The Graveyard", this game just seems like it lacks so much as a game, and is just all around a disaster.

A psychological horror unlike ever seen, before or after its release, a deadly air born pathogen is devastating a rural Russian town. Three characters, each try to uncover the source of the strange sickness that has befallen the small town.

There are atleast 3 things in favor of this title, the impeccable atmosphere of oppression, weariness, and decay. The character-driven narrative that is highly detailed in this regard, and the storyline which is very much based on the gameplay ie your own investigation & difficult choices you've made.

There is one branching storyline, which is seen from different points of view. Supporting multi-layered characters with their own personalities/backstories as well the characters you play as.
What secrets you uncover depends on which character you are playing as and depends on your own creativity. Whats great about this is each character goes to different parts of the town, so playing the game with 3 different characters doesn't recycle anything. It gives you a very different experience.

This is a game blends story and gameplay in a seemless way.
Your choices have big consequences on most of the people whom you meet, and choices are usually not easy, characters make excellent arguments and you can be lied to. So you must gather up the dialogue of previous encounters, formulate your own opinion, and then make your choices... keep in mind people have their own agenda and so may use you for their own ends.

So while characters may lie to you and you may have to battle with words, it go the opposite route, you can get really attached to characters and remember that consequences can be far reaching, adversely affecting them.. all this while you are trying to survive day by day in a harsh environment. There are issues though:

-translation errors
-combat is mundane
-the tutorial is terrible, not only does it leave important stuff out (like pressing L to read your notes you receive) but it throws all the text at you at once.


One of best original games ever made

Play it


A great sandbox adventure game.


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