A relic from years past. Spent a lot of time here. Had a lot of memories here. It's nice to lurk this place every now and then. Then again, all I ever did back here was shitpost and have laughs. Thanks for putting up with my nonsense to all of you. This site is great, and there are many talented people here. So rather than read this, you should browse around and check out some of the more active people or the amazing mods that you can see here!

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You spend a lot of time in a community, it grows on you.

Moddb did that to me. I spent a lot of time here a few years back. Heck, there were days when I couldn't stop thinking about coming here just to talk about games or interests with modders, gamers and genuinely anyone here. This place has a great and loving community. And I've grown out of it.

To those of you whom I've befriended here, those who spent seconds, minutes or even hours of their lives here chatting away with me or sharing ideas, tales or simply laughter. You're all wonderful folk!

Calm your horses though, this isn't a suicide note. I'm just finally writing down what I should have done a long time ago.

I'm a lurker now. I won't really post anything at all here now.

Contact details are still up if any of you want to catch up. Else, thanks for being a large part of my maturing life. You've given me a lot of memories, fun times and friends.

Kui, formerly Chaosmaster4, out.

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